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The Amazon Power

by Jeremy Schoemaker on March 7, 2013 · 21 comments

This is the 2nd video released from these guys who created a monster business from reselling products on Amazon.  I highly recommend checking it out.

In this video they go over how to find the products you want to sell,  where to get them super cheap,  and how to make a bundle from it.  Really eye opening great stuff:




Check out the full video here

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1 Matt

I’ve wondered how those products listed for .01 ever made any money after the amazon fees.

2 Gonzalo

Very interesting.Thanks for sharing and I am going to have to find some time to watch this soon

3 Daisy

Wow being an avid Amazon buyer I have never thought about like looking at the same product that is for sale for the same price and picking a different seller than the first one recommended

4 Tyler

The way these two move their hands really irritates me

5 Jeremy Schoemaker

Haha I can see how that can get annoying after awhile.

6 Nichola

There really are some good tips in here, but I agree what are they getting out of sharing this all to us?

7 Macie

I am still not buying the fact that they are filming this on “vacation”’re working that aint “vacation” :)

8 Joan

Matt and Jason this two are powerful cats together! This is great. Are you two available to answer any questions we have along the way?

9 August

Are you going to be posting all four of these videos?

10 Malcolm

don’t knock it until you try it people. the comments on tuesday’s post were irritating I think, they are giving us this information for free, all you have to do is listen, im sure yull learn something

11 Valeria

Wait… Im confused, so Is all this shit for free?

12 Ferdinand

This looks super legit. Has anyone bought the product yet and can share how they like it?

13 Arnoldo

These videos are “Ok” at best I would have to say.

14 Oliver

The last video was a waste of my time, I am not making that same mistake twice.

15 Jere

Gee, they wouldn’t happen to be reading off a teleprompter would they? :P

16 faisal

This really seems interesting.

17 isaac

Looks interesting if it works at all looking especially at the amazon fees

18 Brian

Saw it costs $3500 for this course. Ouch.

19 Alberto

Yet another Amazon “get rich quick and easy” thing. Why are they sharing this for free? If they really were making a fortune like they say why would they waste their time and resources to just give away their wealth formula? Unless these guys are true altruists, which I doubt very much considering what’s going on on the “make money” niche nowadays, I find all this really hard to believe.

Shoemoney 20 James

An interesting set of videos to date, typically selling the “Sizzle” of how you can buy product(s) and resell through Amazon in a eCommerce/drop shipping format, but completely ignoring the issue of how you might fund the purchase of the original stock from a supplier(s) in the first place in other words what start up capital you need and how the suppliers want paying, cash on delivery, or set up an account, what supplier is going to give an account to someone who has no previous record of trading, and so to make even a fraction of the amount of money these guys are talking you need to bulk buy the “product” to on sell through Amazon, the business model is fine provided you can afford to the initial start up costs.

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