Isn’t it just like @aweber ?

When talking to some prospective PAR Program clients a lot of time I get the question:

Isn’t your service just like Aweber or icontact or mailchimp or constantcontact ?

Now, that is a loaded question!

I never discourage people from using those guys. They are a great fit for someone looking for a cheap, entry level solution. They can be great for bloggers and people who are not selling a product or service.  Most of those guys explicitly state in their terms of service that they have the right to terminate you if you are selling anything through emails.

Also, in those guy’s terms of services you see a bazillion clauses for how they will fine you if you send out anything that “they” consider spam.  I can only guess how impossible it is for them to police their users being it’s completely self service and they don’t actually interact with their customers.

The only problem is you are going to be grouped in with them when you send emails.  So as far as gmail/yahoo/hotmail is concerned you are just another spammer, being you are using the same system as the bad guys.

But, for most bloggers this is not an issue because they just want to send out an email once a month or so keeping in contact with their readers.

I know because I was one of the bloggers for many years who didn’t have the money to invest in a quality, thousand of dollars a month, email platform.  So, I bounced around from low end service to  low end service with frustration…  Some had interesting features but, if you can’t reach your customers then what is the point?

So, when we launched the ShoeMoney System product in 2009 (now free btw) I decided to take a new path and do all of our email marketing in house. In building our own in house solution we could:

  • Have full control (the single biggest reason)
  • Ensure that 100% of our emails reach the inbox of our customers with real time spam monitoring.
  • Meet the highest data encryption and data classification standards.
  • And just a ton more features.

ADD Side note speaking about security – Remember when Aweber got hacked and everyone’s email was compromised?.   But realistically what can you expect using any of their platforms.  A lot of them have a free or $1 trial accounts that give you full access to their system.  As you can imagine this is a hackers dream.

Anyway with the ShoeMoney System – we started to see a large portion of our overall sales come in through our email marketing efforts.

In 2011, Blu Electronic cigarette’s hired me as a consultant and one of the first things I brought up to them was how I thought they were missing out on a ton of sales through email marketing.

They said, what we have come to find now as the typical response, – “We know, we know”.  Followed by “Would you be interested in taking this off our plate?”.

After only a few short months our email marketing system was accounting for almost 25% of their ENTIRE sales.

Before the PAR Program launched anyone selling a product or service looking for an email marketing solution had a couple options:

  1. A cheap entry newsletter service like those guys mentioned above.
  2. A high priced platform that would lock you in for years at tens of thousands of dollars a month.

I knew not only could we provide a much higher level of service then any of those guys but, at a price point that works and scales with anyone selling a product or service on the internet.

So in early 2011, I formed the PAR Program company and we built out the platform.

With this company we wanted to do what we did with our AuctionAds company we sold in 2007 and follow our company motto – “Do what others can’t or are not willing to do”.

Lets see who can keep up with this small list:

  • We have many years of experience in selling millions of dollars worth of our own and other people’s products.  We can do everything from A-Z for our clients.  We actually have real experience and resources to handle everything.  Imagine that.
  • All of our clients receive AMAZING customer service. Every client gets their own dedicated account manager who is accessible via online messengers, text message, and phone. This person’s job is to walk you through setup, see if you ever need any help a long the way, and too touch base with you and see if we can do anything for you.
  • Each client setup  in their own environment – (this is gonna get a little bit geeky) all of our clients are setup on their own servers with their own pool of ip addresses. Even though we work very closely with our clients and have not had an issue with spam or security, with the PAR Program no client has any sort of impact on other client.  Lets see “those guys” provide that!
  • Real time spam monitoring – we have thousands of accounts setup on every email service as well as run every desktop email application in a virtual environment.  This ensures that every email that any of our clients send automated or ad-hoc will have 100% deliverability.
  • When you become a PAR client it’s like you and us are in business together… only you don’t have to give us a percentage of your company.  My A.D.D. at times has hurt me in that I get burnt out doing the same thing for too long…  So I can’t tell you how perfect of a fit this is for us.  We absolutely love new clients because we feel like each one is a personal challenge for us.
  • We operate on a performance model –  You have the option to start at a month to month rate that is very affordable at a price point of $250.  I don’t believe in paying for services that do not make me money.  I have a feeling you do not either.  Even though we have not lost a client yet,  I want them to rest assured they are not locked into any long term agreement.
  • This is not another service you pay for that you wont use.  As I said above we operate on a performance model.  If you do not use our product then you do not grow as a client.  Which means we do not grow.
  • True Transparency and ROI Reporting – Most of the money I have made on the internet has been as an affiliate selling other people’s products.  But basically this meant I was just a commission based salesman operating on slim margins.  The difference between making millions as an affiliate or losing your ass is very good tracking and reporting.  I have incorporated my mindset as an affiliate and implemented the exact features that I use to be successful.
  • We don’t nickel and dime our clients – One thing I HATE about those guys is how they nickel and dime you for every add on or service you need.  Unlike those guys we give you ALL of our features in the PAR Program from day one.  Your account manager is here to help you.  We are vested in your success as a client so I am happy to work with you to see how we can grow your company.  I am not going to charge you for suggestions or stuff.  I LOVE what I do and especially growing other companies businesses.
  • I am my biggest client – How many of “those guys” use their platform actively to sell their own products or services?  How many have actually sold over 1 million dollars other people’s products or services through their own platform?  My track record speaks for itself.

I can hardly contain my excitement as we grow this company.  100% of our business so far has come to us through this blog or the PAR Program contact form.

I am also really proud in that we have never once lost a client to date.

Wow I got off on a rant a bit there.  So no we are not like aweber ;).

If your company is looking for an enterprise level email marketing solution at a VERY reasonable price point  with extraordinary customer service then join us today.