Some of my friends on Facebook probably already know this but I am currently going back on a diet and working out again. Buuutttt if you’re like me I always get hungry before I go to to bed when I am catching up on my shows. Pretty big problem considering im going on a diet.

Then I over heard one of my workers around the office talking about some nutrition bar they took before they went to bed at night not only because it was good and healthy for you but also because it helps you sleep at night.

Turns out they were talking about Nightfood. So I went to the website myself to check it out, saw the free offer that they were giving out at the time said “screw it lets give it a try.”

First night I tried it I honestly noticed a change in my sleeping. I’m a pretty laid back guy but sometimes it’s hard for me to just chill out when I have so much to do at the office the next day. This helped with the problem and allowed me to calm down and relax for a good nights rest.

Did I also mention it was DELICIOUS  and NUTRITIOUS!

Been using it ever since. See what you think.

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