Some of my friends on Facebook probably already know this but I am currently going back on a diet and working out again. Buuutttt if you’re like me I always get hungry before I go to to bed when I am catching up on my shows. Pretty big problem considering im going on a diet.

Then I over heard one of my workers around the office talking about some nutrition bar they took before they went to bed at night not only because it was good and healthy for you but also because it helps you sleep at night.

Turns out they were talking about Nightfood. So I went to the website myself to check it out, saw the free offer that they were giving out at the time said “screw it lets give it a try.”

First night I tried it I honestly noticed a change in my sleeping. I’m a pretty laid back guy but sometimes it’s hard for me to just chill out when I have so much to do at the office the next day. This helped with the problem and allowed me to calm down and relax for a good nights rest.

Did I also mention it was DELICIOUS  and NUTRITIOUS!

Been using it ever since. See what you think.

44 thoughts on “Nightfood

  1. Steve

    If you’re that hungry at night before bed, then you’re doing it wrong. Eat a lot more protein and fat. Eat a dinner like steak, eggs and veggies. Very filling.

  2. Fermin

    Can you give them to kids 😉 might help with my 10 year old who doesn’t like to go to sleep

    1. Sean Folkson

      Lots of parents these days are giving melatonin to kids after discussing it with their doctor. If your child is already taking melatonin, there’s nothing else in our bars that would be an issue.

  3. Morris

    I have used simular products in the past… never found any of it to work. But who knows maybe this one is different.

  4. Garret

    Wow, I might have to give these a try I just try to drink water before I go to bed if I am hungry

  5. Randy

    I always try to drink a smoothie before I go to bed because i feel like that fills me up a lot and I am not hungry. It is also sweet so it fills that crave I have for sweets before I go to bed

    1. Sean Folkson

      Grant, the 2 bioactives are melatonin and chocamine (a clinically studied cocoa extract that helps quiet a racing mind). For lots of people, the problem isn’t that they’re not tired enough, but rather that their mind is going a million miles an hour!

  6. Jospeh

    This looks really good actually like an oreo cookie bar almost. I will have to give this a try. How long before you fell asleep?

  7. Quincy

    I ve never used the “Nightfood” brand but I used a simular one for awhile then I ran out and never bought another box. I liked it when I used it I just kind of forgot about it, maybe ill try them.

  8. Kevin Muldoon

    If you are hungry at night time, your body clock is probably out of sync. Try and eat a big breakfast, lunch and small dinner. Then at night you should not be as hungry.

    People who are always hungry at night tend to not eat much for breakfast.


  9. faisal

    Do the ship international because this seems like an awesome product.

    They can boost their sales with the use of the PAR program.

  10. Everette

    Hey guys ,hows it going? This product sounds like a winner and I really hope that it works well for all who are involved.I myself don’t have a wieght problem but I wish you guys much success.Talk later.

  11. Alberto

    No matter what you are going to eat, forcing your body to digest when you are going to sleep can make relaxation much more difficult to achieve. Not sure what’s in those bars, but I would recommend a more balanced diet during the day and some relaxation exercises, self-hypnosis or meditation right before hitting the sack. It might take some time and effort to see results, but that’s how life works. “Get results quick” things are usually not the way to go. Any internet marketer out there?

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