2 guys Six Figure Amazon Deal

I first was introduced to these guys by one of the most successful internet marketers on the internet – John Reese. He was telling me about these guys that were crushing it on Amazon doing some tricks.

A.D.D. Side Note: Funny thing the biggest buyers and sellers on all of Amazon are located 2 blocks away from our ShoeMoney offices. All they do is buy and sell text books on Amazon. THAT IS IT! AND they do hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue per year. They actually have a patent on it. Its crazy.

Anyway these guys remind me of that – only they are about to launch a training product to do exactly what they are doing. I am sure the product is going to be awesome but as lots of you guys know a lot of the best content comes out in the pre-launch.

So in their first pre-launch video they outline how it all works. It’s a great video and I can recommend it enough.

Its great information that someone can take action on right away without buying anything or whatever.

Check it out