2 guys Six Figure Amazon Deal

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I first was introduced to these guys by one of the most successful internet marketers on the internet – John Reese. He was telling me about these guys that were crushing it on Amazon doing some tricks.

A.D.D. Side Note: Funny thing the biggest buyers and sellers on all of Amazon are located 2 blocks away from our ShoeMoney offices. All they do is buy and sell text books on Amazon. THAT IS IT! AND they do hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue per year. They actually have a patent on it. Its crazy.

Anyway these guys remind me of that – only they are about to launch a training product to do exactly what they are doing. I am sure the product is going to be awesome but as lots of you guys know a lot of the best content comes out in the pre-launch.

So in their first pre-launch video they outline how it all works. It’s a great video and I can recommend it enough.

Its great information that someone can take action on right away without buying anything or whatever.

Check it out

32 thoughts on “2 guys Six Figure Amazon Deal

  1. Georgie

    You’re not even trying in your paid-for-posts anymore, at least try and sell it a bit!

      1. Gabe

        Geez lol, he only gets paid when you buy the course via his affiliate link.

        Those guys sell their own white label supplement products on amazon.

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  3. Steve Smith

    Shoe, how do I sign up to be one of the many paid-for commentors on here? Here’s my application:

    “Wow, this is the most amazing product EVER. Easily worth 10x what they’re charging for it!!”


    1. Jordan Malik

      While I still think Jeremy is a genius, it is my opinion too he should not have endorsed this course. The payouts to JV partners were lucrative (50% + bonuses). I’m a long-time Amazon merchant and my opinion is that the Amazing Selling Machines is not only way overpriced, but it’s suggested ways to make substantial profits just don’t work. The truth will come out in a couple months when folks who paid the ~$4000 pitch in with their opinions on how the program didn’t work/worked.

  5. Steve Smith

    I know that when I have a profitable business model, one of my favorite things to do is to tell other people how to copy it.

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  7. Christian Erick

    It looks interesting, I’m trying to think which products can work outside us, I guess we all expect the 2nd video to find out how they research the products to sell, thanks for sharing!

  8. Buddy

    That is awesome that they will help find what people are searching for and the popular things so that way you can promote those

  9. Isaias

    Thank you for sharing Shoe! I am going to check this out for sure. Love learning new things from real people

  10. Jed

    HOLY COW! How long is that intro video?!?! Haha, I skipped through most of it but they do give out a lot of great video from what I saw. I just don’t have the time.

  11. Preston

    love how they use amazon’s traffic to make sales and you do not have to buy the leads or get affiliates to promote it.

  12. Heath

    I signed up after seeing you post this over the weekend. I like it so far! Thanks for sharing Jeremy!

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