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Books are signed!

by Jeremy Schoemaker on February 28, 2013 · 22 comments

Woah my hand hurts! Yesterday I signed several hundred books for you guys that ordered the Shoe In Money system the first two days and got them shipped out!(sorry, little behind but we needed a final count)

If you have not checked out the new Shoe In Money system go here right now and see all the specs. Some have called the video very controversial. But you guys know me… I say it like it is. And if it pisses off these so called “guru’s” then so be it.

The Shoe In Money system is ONLY $47 and … well… don’t take my word for it – here are some quotes people emailed me that purchased yesterday.

“Jeremy holy cow the Shoe In Money system is awesome. I have paid thousands of dollars for other products that were junk. Just the 30 day action plan is priceless for me. Thank you!” – Anna

“ShoeMoney honestly I first purchased it to get a signed copy of your book but once I logged in I was blown away. Great straight forward content. I love how you teach from your own experiences both failures and successes. Saves guys like me a ton of money and time. – Justin

“I love your new system. Very inexpensive and excellent content” – Karen

So those of you who have bought it tell us what you think, and be patient your books are on their way!

The rest of you who still want to try it out go here and sign up now:



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1 Keral Patel

I think I missed one of your emails which I am sure would have been sent out to me as I get your emails regularly and I do check them out. But don’t remember reading about this new system launch. Will check the page now. Its never too late.

2 Matt Baran

Nice touch Jeremy!!

3 geekmom

I wish I could have gotten in on the first few days, but I think it happened when I was down with the flu. Such a drag! Oh well, maybe next time. I ordered with a fever too.

4 Seymour


5 Lorenzo

Why do they call it controversial?

6 Thad

Ill check ‘er out.

7 Miquel

Dang … did I miss the free book thing then? If so where can I get the book still?

8 Jeremy Schoemaker
9 Jeremy Schoemaker

Check amazon!

10 Tyler

Iv been doing it day-by-day so far.. on day 7 and I like it so far! Ready for that book!!!

11 Yesenia

Damn, several hundred!?!?

12 Della

Is there a forum where the members can all talk together?

I would like to see what they have to say and what people are doing.

13 Lloyd

ill be ready to ready the book more than anything :P

14 Eddie

I would have loved to have gotten a book signed from Jeremy.

That is awesome that you did this for your customers. Really shows you care.

15 Elmer

I thought it was worth the $47 no doubt. Not sure I would have paid more than $75 for it but it is still a great system. I would recommend it for anyone just starting out, or ready to get back in

16 Wilfred

I love your superman cartoon guy hahaha soo cool!

17 Florentino

How can i learn how to promote it? I would really like to get this going

18 Serena

How long is this product going to be for sale?

19 faisal

How many books did you ship out?

20 Kamil

Is it video, or text? Text for me is better

21 Sean Thomas

Good idea to reward your customers in the Shoe Money system.

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