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Ever heard people tell you to chase after the latest hottest “high paying” niche – And they will tell us how to find them for only $1,995 (or more).

They will have tons of sheep RUN to buy these latest products. They tell good stories about why they will work. They get people to envision what this product is going to do for them.

But when they get the actual product its junk. Lets be honest, we all know someone who has fallen for this… and its sickening. I have actually spoken at a conference (ONE TIME!) where people were selling these products from the stage and the audience was RUNNING back to buy them.  It was like a religious cult!

When I released the Shoe In System last Thursday within 24 hours it became the hottest selling product on all of Clickbank.

AND As of right now is the highest promoted product by Clickbank affiliates.

So why would I price something at $47 (and give affiliates half)?

First off making these types of products is not my core business. Its more of a hobby/passion of mine to work with you and teach you what I have done well with and also mistakes I have made and learned from.

But the bigger value is the people.  I can’t tell you how many of you guys I have built an ongoing relationship with and sometimes even a very profitable business relationship with.

Anyway here is my secret. Teach people what you actually do.  Don’t chase after some niche that these guys are trying to sell you.

I am not much of a religious person,  but man… Somebody is on my side. The book sales soar and now this Shoe In system is absolutely crushing it on Clickbank.

The best part about both of them? They are just me being honest. Sure its not for everyone but they are always 100% true.

If you haven’t yet check out the Shoe In System and welcome to the club:


15 thoughts on “Don’t ever do this

  1. Paul B

    Am I missing something here? It is exactly those $1000+ piles of crap that you’ve promoted on here numerous times in order to mix it up with the fucktards selling them.

  2. Randy J

    I’m at Day 2 of your Action Plan now and I’m absolutely PUMPED seeing what you have laid out. I have paid for many products in the past and this is a steal compared to them.

  3. Derek

    I just signed up as an affiliate but going to bed. Will have to check out the email swipes to send to my list. Clickbank just did a major over-haul of there website with new features and Shoemoney already killing it on Clickbank. I’m like a few days late to this party. Hope I can still cash in this week. lol

    btw, I’ve been ripped off a lot in the past with stupid ebooks from Clickbank. Sometimes the sales page convince’s you without you taking a step back and thinking.

  4. Bertrand

    You sent me an email for an upsell to a coaching program. Are coaches salaries of your company ? Are they outsourced ? Will they see how much I have in my credit cards before proposing a price ? I wanted to react as a “non-sheep” and let it go, but with your post you just raised my curiosity. I thought small price meant upsells, not “my hobby is to help people”.

  5. Steve Smith

    Shoe, I currently have a list of 23 different products, which are all complete crap, and you promoted or mentioned them in this blog.

    Don’t start getting Holier-Than-Thou when you are cut from the same cloth..

  6. Justin

    Shoe ignore the haters. To be honest the upsells initially annoyed me a little but I took the plunge anyway. I love the content, the newsletter and business in a box is awesome, I can’t wait to see what next month brings.

    Keep it up!

  7. Bertrand

    @Justin : I am not a hater, I just would like to know if the coaching upsell is from a Utah boiling room, Mike F style.
    A full written documentation and a binding contract would be welcomed. I remember Shoe congratulating the FTC for taking steps to clean the playing ground. So why not do a little compliance ?

  8. Dallas

    I hate when people talk out of their ass about doing things that they have never done. I think they just like to hear them-self talk most of the time.

  9. James

    I totally agree with you about teaching others from what you have done instead of just telling people what to do when you have not even achieved anything at all.

  10. Alondra

    I am looking forward to checking this product out. I really liked your last one you came out with a few years ago and I am sure this is going to be even better. Thanks Jeremy

  11. Matt Baran

    Sad to say I have purchased a few get rich quick products in my early IM days. Ugh…I almost spent a few grand on personal coaching through one of those eBay gurus. Its funny though…once you take the red pill (reference from your book) you start to see the bs for what it is.

  12. Jon

    Everyone is always looking for that new product to make them rich, I’ve spent a lot of money on such products in the past, it’s always usually the same junk in them, just a different spin on it.

  13. If it works then buy

    Don’t buy any product. Instead go to blackhat forums and download it free to see is it crap or it works for you.

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