Top Velocity Increases Revenue 10x Using PAR Program Marketing Solution

“The People, Acquisition & Retention (PAR) Program has made my business explode with social media and email marketing. We are seeing well over a 1,000% return on investment with each passing month. Any business owner looking to maximize their bottom line without zapping a lot of internal resources should use the PAR Program.”  

— Brent Pourciau

CEO, Top Velocity

Business Information

Company Name: Top Velocity

Purpose: Baseball Pitching Instruction and Training Program

Sales Proposition: Increase your fastball 5-10 mph in 16 weeks

Product Information: A instruction package including videos, manuals, streaming content, & more.

Price: $397 (one-time, non-recurring)

Business Introduction

Top Velocity ( is an industry-leading Baseball pitching and velocity improvement training program. Their main offerings include: a Pitching Velocity Program along with tips and articles to increase a pitchers velocity and online Pitching Video Analysis for players. They offer DVD’s in addition to seminars and one-to-one coaching. Top Velocity is led by Brent Pourciau, a noted baseball player and coach with a decorated high school, collegiate and professional career.

About the PAR Program

The PAR Program uses its proprietary patent-pending technology to help businesses and websites convert one-time visitors into lifelong customers. The PAR program builds your customer base from the ground up by focusing on PeopleAcquisition, and Retention.


PAR captures users who would have otherwise left your website and uses our proprietary patent pending intelligence system to give you critical demographic information including but not limited to:

  • Their social networks
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Geographic Location
  • Social Interests and likes


By using the PAR Program’s proprietary communication system, we send consumers a series of emails we call the acquisition sequence. These emails are non-intrusive and designed to educate your customer. We can segment these messages based on all the demographic data we have received.


Once these consumers become customers from the acquisition sequence, we move them to the retention sequence. This ensures your existing and new customers will keep coming back to you to make future purchases. This also gives you the ability to let them know about new additions to your product line up, company news and other information to preserve your relationship and keep the sales flowing in.

You also have the ability to send targeted emails to the exact demographics you would like. For instance:

  • Want to send a special offer to just women?
  • How about just Facebook users?
  • How about to people that have a certain position title in acompany?
  • How about women in Los Angeles age 24-36 who are interested in weight loss?

The PAR program also gives you complete flexibility and transparency. You can log in anytime and get accurate, real time statistics. Like:

  • What effort is most effective in capturing these users?
  • How many new consumers are you acquiring a day?
  • What demographics are your users REALLY?
  • What is your EXACT return on your investment in the PAR Program?

With PAR Program, you can relax and count on the automated system that keeps bringing in sales regardless of your site’s search engine rankings. Other services can’t guarantee results like the PAR Program can.

The PAR Program’s revolutionary enterprise platform also abides by the industry’s highest security and information standards to ensure your data is safe and your customer’s data is safe.

Business Challenge

Top Velocity had an issue in which most businesses and companies can relate: they initially invested a lot of money in their website. But they quickly learned that “if you build it, they will come” does not apply to online visitors. They invested more into search engine optimization (SEO) as well as various formats of online advertising. Still, the results were disappointing.

Top Velocity eventually realized that they were paying good money to market good products but:

  1. they weren’t able to target the right customers or audience, resulting in spending waste;
  2. when they did target the right audience, customers weren’t necessarily ready to buy at that moment. Top Velocity had no way of keeping a relationship with these potential customers after they left the site;
  3. not only was Top Velocity’s conversion percentage way down, but they felt like they were on an endless treadmill that resulted in some traffic growth but no long-term sales growth.

Top Velocity’s CEO summed up their problems succinctly

“It was so frustrating seeing all these visitors come to my website that didn’t convert into buyers. I thought I was doing all the right things and spending money where the ‘gurus’ told me to. But it wasn’t until I found the PAR Program that I started seeing a real return on my investment.”

The PAR Program eliminates the guessing game about Email Deliverability. I know 100% of my emails are getting delivered, and the PAR Program was quickly able to discern that some of my highest-paying customers use certain email programs like Outlook or Apple’s that were flagging my messages as Spam.”

The Solution

With the PAR Program, we take a very step-by-step approach to our client’s success. As Top Velocity saw, we:

  1. Assigned a personal, dedicated account manager upon signing of the agreement. This dedicated account manager is your point of contact beginning with the program set-up.
  2. Set the program up per your business needs, specifications and goals. All businesses and websites are different and vary in respect to what they need to accomplish and what their challenges are.
  3. Collected general data about the website like traffic patterns, visitor demographics, and more.
  4. Set-up the acquisition sequence and email copywriting, and programmed our proprietary systems according to a communication/email schedule that we know works.
  5. Set-up the retention sequence and email copywriting, to ensure that customers remain customers over time.

Top Velocity engaged with PAR Program in mid-2012. Here is a graph showing the gains from May 2012 to August 2012:


“Working with the PAR Program has been awesome. It’s been great working with a team who has actually sold a ton of other people’s products (and their own) using the exact service I purchased from them. Having them there to comment on what I’m doing for no extra charge is priceless, as is having the greatest internet marketer in the world – Jeremy Schoemaker – available to me for consulting.


We like to call the PAR Program “revolutionary”. Why? Because it is. It isn’t JUST an email service. It isn’t JUST a targeted platform that is based on data. It isn’t JUST a service that establishes relationships with your website visitors in a non-obtrusive way. It isn’t JUST a completely “done for you” program that will take your online business to the next level.

It is all of those things.

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