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Free Shirt Friday – Peerfly

by Jeremy Schoemaker on February 8, 2013 · 23 comments

WHAT UP! This FSF comes from Peerfly they started out in 2008 and are one of the fastest growing affilate networks IN THE WORLD! They also sent me some more cool shirts like this one except they all came from baby Gap so they didn’t fit.


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1 Donnie Plunkett

That is a sick t-shirt. Happy Friday everyone and I want to give a shout out to my wife who turns 35 day.

2 Hazel

If they have been around since 2008 how are they the fastest growing in the world?

3 Merle

Wow what a shirt kinda looks like affliction

4 Brenton

Has anyone used them? I heard of the, before I just wanted to hear about some experiences

5 Antwan

They would be good for the par program maybe ? Just a thought shoe!

6 Rolf

Their site is definitely really nice and easy to navigate around

7 Alyson

at first glance I thought this was an ad for Las Vegas, but now that I went to the site I get in now.

8 Bennett


9 Norberto

Haha what is that a medium shirt ?

10 Fermin

PeerFly is cool. I have met Luke over there a couple times.

11 Issac

Looks like they have worked with some good companies like Target and Disney, sounds legit.

12 Rolf

Their site is definitely really nice and easy to navigate around

13 Fletcher

Interesting shirt….. I am trying to figure out why Las Vegas is on there

14 Mariano

I hate these “affliction” style t-shirt.. thank god that fad is gone.

15 Hector

Have you used them Jeremy? I am trying to find a network to go with and I have some choices

16 Broderick

Yeah that is a pretty cool shirt

17 Mary

Neva heard of um

18 Shay

That t-shirt is Hot!

19 Clark

Im going to Vegas in a couple of months, im pumped!

20 Lee

I use Peerfly as of about 6 months ago and I love it.

21 faisal

That shirt has a lot of graphics

22 jane

Thats a pretty loud shirt- not sure its your color!

23 Valdiviez

The T-shirts have found a new avenue in terms of promotion and are finding wider application in terms of promotional avenue. The T-shirt you depicted in this article is really cool one.

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