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How Ray Lewis Made Deer Antler Spray “Lucky”

by Jeremy Schoemaker on February 7, 2013 · 23 comments

“Luck is When preparation meets opportunity”. – Somebody smart.

On Tuesday Morning January 29th the popular sports news periodical, Sports Illustrated, released information about the Alabama based fitness and supplement company, S.W.A.T.S. and their allegations that professional football player Ray Lewis called the company and requested a large quantity of the NFL banned substance, Deer Antler Spray.

ESPN immediately jumped on the story, and just about every major sporting news outlet followed.

Now if you are not a fan of football – Ray Lewis just played in the Super Bowl for the Baltimore Ravens. And for those really out of the loop the Superbowl was last sunday.

Anyway Ray Lewis totally denied using the supplement but it did not stop every sporting major news outlet from saying “Deer Antler Spray” once every five minutes.

In the days to follow Deer Antler Spray was brought back in the forefront of the sporting world when  professional golfer Vijay Sing came forward and admitted to using the substance.  Now it was reaching media outlets outside of the sporting world like, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and several other media outlets across the country and the folks at couldn’t be happier.

Immediately from the time of the start of the Ray Lewis controversy, went from selling a few bottles a day to OVER 1,000 bottles an hour for multiple hours in a row.

Since the story broke last Tuesday morning, the company has increased sales by nearly 4469.72%, and has not showed signs of slowing.

As of right now they have over 25,000 bottles on back order and probably by the time you are reading this its closer to 30,000. But this controversial performance enhancing substance is not going away soon. Its going to stay in the news.

I talked to their CEO yesterday morning and he said they had gotten calls from GNC, Complete Nutrition, Max Muscle and lots of other supplement outlets who want to stock it.

This is an unbelievable story from one of our PAR Program clients.

So the big take away :

These guys started this company a while back and even though they were not crushing it they kept at it. It reminds me of when I started my mobile ringtone website. I did it because it was fun. Then one day it appeared on and went from 1,000 visitors a day to 150,000 and remained a consistent 75-100k unique visitors a day for years. This is where you see my famous 134,000.00 adsense check from. That site made next to nothing for years.

Much like these guys, I had a multimillion dollar business pretty much overnight.

The best part?  SEO or PPC or whatever else he lastest greatest “best marketing practice”  had NO factor.

Make a quality service or product and eventually your  overnight “luck” will happen.

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1 Jeff

Dude, I can usually read around your ‘interesting’ grammar and spelling choices but what does “…he lastest greatest “best marketing practice” had NO factor.” even mean?

2 Big Time Blogging

Yeah! Luck is When preparation meets opportunity and also the more you work hard the more you become lucky. The secret is creating a quality product, someone will eventually buy.

3 Donnie Plunkett

I am one mainstream media story away from being a millionaire, Signed, Owner of (too bad I just have affiliate links to Amazon and don’t sell the product directly)

4 Zachary

Ray Lewis is lucky himself.. getting away with murder.

5 Cornell

Wait, so Deer Antler Spray is one of you companies on PAR?

6 Mitchell

Either he really did take it, or this is a great marketing campaign by these guys..

7 Sophie

Some guys just have all the luck.. ugh.

8 Bobby


9 Pierre

I always live by the moto “Be successful on purpose.” Their sales won’t last, while its great now eventually their luck will run out, just hope they are smart with their money while they have it.

10 Vince

“No signs of slowing down” …I guarantee you by this time next year they will be just above what they normally sell. It all just a fad.

11 Doyle

Im sorry, but that is a terrible name for a product…

12 Bernardo

That stuff is crazy like how in the hell does someone find out about deer antler spray when it is not even available in stores

13 Jimmie

Good things definitely come to those who wait

14 Stacey

I have heard about this stuff! I mean who would take something that is called deer antler spray really? I just do not understand

15 Karla

Any press is good press right! Kinda good that athletes are drug users and that they get caught after a while of doing it.

16 Santiago

Good for them. I mean really I am with you about making something that people will like not gaming the system . I am sure now all major stores want his product in them

17 Alden

Ooo ray Lewis would never do anything to jeopardize his career right…..;) ! It is a good thing he is retired now .

Shoemoney 18 Tegs

This is why I grind every single day.

Thanks for my inspiration for the day Shoe..

19 Jim

That kinda reminds me of the Bennie baby fad or furbee I mean it just takes off and lasts for a few years and then something new comes out. But hey they didn’t have to pay for any advertising my all

20 Valentin

Wow 1,000 in an hour that is insane. Does anyone know what it really does for you? I heard it is for recovering from injuries it speeds up the process

21 faisal

This is sheer brillant, but then its luck which played out for the company.

22 Coupon Fuse

Great! Thanks for post!

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