Interns.. do it if you can.

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I mentioned in one of my blog posts earlier this month I have some interns helping me around the office with some of the daily day to day tasks. I can not stress how great of a resource this is for me.

It is basically educated slave labor that they are more than happy to do because being able to put working at ShoeMoney Media Group on their resume after graduation is a huge benefit. Luckily I have the University of Nebraska literally 3 blocks away from my office so I can tap into the intern market quite easily.

I have them doing simple tasks like unloading my vehicle to running over to the hot dog stand, but I also give them some jobs that can help them grow as well in there respective fields. For example I have a marketing intern and I basically let him handle most of our advertising on the blog.

Having them do these tasks is a mutual benefit for both parties because it frees up an enormous amount of my time to focus on the bigger picture and it gives them some real life experience.

I am not sure what colleges in your area are teaching their students but I know for a FACT at Nebraska that they don’t teach marketing students even a sliver of what the online world has to offer. I took one of my interns to Elite Retreat with me last year to San Francisco and he told me that he learned more from our guest speakers then he did in an entire semester at college… that says a lot!

So word of advice, if you have a college or university nearby take advantage of that and hire some cheap hard working interns.

20 thoughts on “Interns.. do it if you can.

  1. Kalea

    They really don’t teach you shit in school anymore. I learned way more during my time as an intern as well. School is a joke you simply just pay for a degree.. dumb.

  2. Dave

    An entire semester of college? I would think it would be more than the entire 4 years (or 7 years, if you’re Tommy Boy)

  3. Ellsworth

    You’re right, its so hard to find college grads that understand this industry, simply because it isnt taught.

  4. Omar

    Lucky you that you have a university near you i have to resort to craigs list which i HATE with a passion so most of the time I use 5fiver ;0

  5. Bianca

    How many interns do you have working? Great to see you are educating the educated if I may say! I think that college is a waste of time they cannot keep up with technology these days.

  6. Frederick

    Gotta love that college students will work for nothing because they need to get something on their resume.

  7. Emile

    I was an intern once for a fortune 500 company and let me tell you we were super cheap labor for them. I mean they rotated us in and out of there as if we were in a slave camp.

  8. Dirk

    Freeing up your time is the most important since you are the CEO. I think what most people struggle with is delegation because they are scared it wont get done and they know they can accomplish it

  9. Jeffrey Von Stetten

    I’m new to the using interns for stuff idea but I want to try it.

    What is the best way to connect with them and find interns from the local colleges?

    Please let me know and we will rock it.


  10. Melvin

    I used to think its some kind of exploitation when I was an intern myself (cause I hated most of it) but then some years later, I realized that its definitely a great help. Maybe just don’t have too much expectations for them..

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