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This is a great site for all you beginners just now starting off in the SEO industry to get your feet wet in. Just an open forum to talk about the industry and bounce around ideas so it is great for  professionals as well. Check IT!


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20 thoughts on “Free Shirt Friday – SEO Chat

  1. Frances

    Wow they even have a dev forum. That is nice for people who are just learning and have questions about implementation. Seems like they have a little bit of everything on there. Checking it out

  2. Gabriela

    kinda cool they not only talk about seo stuff but also like hosting spaces and what they cost and you can get other peoples opinions.

  3. Irwin

    Hey this place is for free advice! I wonder if they charge you on the backend after a few months… I guess I will find out

  4. Murray

    It shows on there also that you can get seo tools for free and implement them. That is sweet. I thought you use to have something like this in the past ? Maybe I am mistaken

  5. Edith

    Impressive they have over 1 million posts this site has to be legit… i would think at least. I am going to check this out thanks shoe!

  6. Joel

    Looking slim! This is a pretty sweet site for people trying to learn the industry and have questions

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