@ereleases doesn’t suck

Over the last 8 years I have used about every Press Release Distribution company there is.  A branding agency we have been working with for my book suggested we try ereleases.

I wish I had more time to write about my experience with them but this morning I crashed my BMW X5 into a rock (4 foot wide 3 foot tall)  and I am trying to get kids car seats moved and logistics figured out for tomorrow but anyway… 

So we used ereleases and right away I got a call from their staff.  At first I thought it was annoying like they were trying to upsell me so like any good MFCEO I had the phone to my assistant and have her handle it.

She said they just asked if we had any more questions.

Then I got this in the email:



OMG really guys?  Ok its cute but cmon you know you just have some monkey photoshop in new clients names….  Right?

But then in my snail mail we got 2 hand written notes.  From 2 different people.

They were what they call “brain storming sessions” and they gave me a ton of notes about suggestions on my next steps.  Now this was impressive.

Then a few days after that I get this book,  in paperback,  that is “How to write an effective press release”  or something like that.  I will post a picture and update this post hopefully before anyone sees it.

I am actually so blown away by the quality of their customer service I haven’t even mentioned how effective the actual service is.  Its honestly awesome.  I have never… ever used a press release service where I got ACTUAL PRESS INQUIRIES.

Yes – Not sure if you saw that I was on the cover of the Omaha World Herald (money section)  a few weeks back.  That was because they picked up the release.

All in all over 40 news websites picked it up and syndicated the press release.  I even got interviewed by my local hometown radio and news stations.

AND We had 3 different book publishers talk to us about doing a deal with them.

Sometimes,  as a internet marketer,  I always am so cynical about stuff.  I always think there is an angle to everything.  But sometimes people still deliver an amazing service with amazing customer service also.

Full Disclosure:  I have not received any compensation what so ever for writing this post.  Yes I know it was awesome and they should have paid me.  Its all good though.