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by Jeremy Schoemaker on January 31, 2013 · 23 comments

Over the last 8 years I have used about every Press Release Distribution company there is.  A branding agency we have been working with for my book suggested we try ereleases.

I wish I had more time to write about my experience with them but this morning I crashed my BMW X5 into a rock (4 foot wide 3 foot tall)  and I am trying to get kids car seats moved and logistics figured out for tomorrow but anyway… 

So we used ereleases and right away I got a call from their staff.  At first I thought it was annoying like they were trying to upsell me so like any good MFCEO I had the phone to my assistant and have her handle it.

She said they just asked if we had any more questions.

Then I got this in the email:



OMG really guys?  Ok its cute but cmon you know you just have some monkey photoshop in new clients names….  Right?

But then in my snail mail we got 2 hand written notes.  From 2 different people.

They were what they call “brain storming sessions” and they gave me a ton of notes about suggestions on my next steps.  Now this was impressive.

Then a few days after that I get this book,  in paperback,  that is “How to write an effective press release”  or something like that.  I will post a picture and update this post hopefully before anyone sees it.

I am actually so blown away by the quality of their customer service I haven’t even mentioned how effective the actual service is.  Its honestly awesome.  I have never… ever used a press release service where I got ACTUAL PRESS INQUIRIES.

Yes – Not sure if you saw that I was on the cover of the Omaha World Herald (money section)  a few weeks back.  That was because they picked up the release.

All in all over 40 news websites picked it up and syndicated the press release.  I even got interviewed by my local hometown radio and news stations.

AND We had 3 different book publishers talk to us about doing a deal with them.

Sometimes,  as a internet marketer,  I always am so cynical about stuff.  I always think there is an angle to everything.  But sometimes people still deliver an amazing service with amazing customer service also.

Full Disclosure:  I have not received any compensation what so ever for writing this post.  Yes I know it was awesome and they should have paid me.  Its all good though.

full disclosure

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1 Gladys

I have heard of them before but have never used them! I will have to reach out to them I would love
To get some good pr

2 Everett

The whole customer experience with a product or service is huge

3 Donnie Plunkett

Does the actual press release have any value from an SEO standpoint or is it all contingent on having news sites and so forth pick up the story and include a live hyperlink?

4 Manual

I would love to read the book they sent you. Can you post it sometime and maybe highlight the points you found most valuable

5 Dane

Sometimes I think company’s forget that the consumer experience is what makes their company’s success

6 Lori

It is great to see customer service at its finest !

7 Isaiah

Hahaha very creative I have received flowers and books from services before but never a hand written note with suggests that is great

8 Eric

That’s pretty incredible! Would you call this guerrilla marketing (pun intended)?

Very impressive to say the least

9 faisal

There are still some customer centric companies.

10 John Banks

Looks neat – Be interesting to see if you actually get any decent results from the whole experience….

How much did it cost?

11 Demetrius

Hahaha that picture is hilarious and very creative. I give them props for doing this and what it is probably a two second intern job and look it made you blog about it. Totally worth the cost

12 Dawn

I think that all companies should have great customer service if they want their customers to return .

13 Mariah

I am going to check these guys out if they got you so much exposure that is great! Thanks for posting on them and I will be sure to share my experience.

14 Samuel

Great first impression I would say. Not even 1/4 of the companies out their would do something like this for their consumers. I think personalized stuff makes a huge difference no matter what it is

15 Freya

One thing I got from a service before was a plant with some good luck saying attached to it. It was great to see someone actually cared and took interest in their customers

16 Colin

I actually wouldnt have caught that that was photo shopped. Nice catch Shoe, I guess im just a sucker :)

17 Felton

That sucks about your BMW I got rear ended the other day and I hate dealing with the insurance companies! AAAAHHHH!!!

18 Amado

If they really are just photo shopping people the should get rid of the clock in the background… unless that is part of their plan to send it out at that time everyday, cause thats genius if it is.

19 Darrell

I think my favorite part about this blog is when you share your experiences with other companies, I hope to see more of this in the future.

Thanks ShoeMoney!

20 Kendrick

“have some moneky photoshop in new clients names” I bet its the monkey in the photo.

21 Sandeep K

Press Release actually does not suck. But, is an excellent way to retain your the existing customers and to reach those who are new to the business

22 Leanne King

I expected this service to be well beyond my price range but was surprised when I went to check out the pricing and done for you service. It’s very competitive with most press release services (that offer less in the way of distribution). Thanks for reviewing it!

23 Joe Davison

Mickie Kennedy (the founder of eReleases) is a really quality, stand up guy. I met him at a conference years ago and was very impressed. I agree his is the best press release service.

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