Ethics of talking shit about bad people and companies

If you have read my autobiography I give a ton of examples how I do what others are willing not to do.

I also talk about how I feel its my duty to share my experiences with companies that I feel are evil.  Sometimes even criminal.

I call them out by name.  You can see peoples names on the bottom right.  As you read them you will notice that I don’t tell you if you should do business with them or not I simply share my experience with them.

Let me give you an example.

Rohail recently made a post titled How I lost 15,000 in a week.   Its a post about how he got conned into working with this shitty company who managed a campaign for him and lost him a bunch of money.  We have all been there so no shame in that.  I was disappointed that Rohail did not give them name in the company.

So now at the next Affiliate Summit when I (or others) talk to Rohail about an experience I had where a company cost me a lot of money.  Then he reveals that it was this company that he wrote about.  How shitty is he going to feel that if he would have shared his experience he could have saved a lot of his friends money?

I can’t tell you the amount of people that have thanked me for sharing my experiences with companies.

I understand some people think its bad karma to do so or the possible legal ramifications are just not worth it.  And I am not going to lie I have had legal ramifications.  But since everything I wrote was 100% fact then not much they can do.  And the LAST thing one of these companies want (IMO) is to have public documents stating all of these facts.

Anyway again I don’t mean to pick on Rohail.  He is a good guy. Its just the latest example I came across.