ASW 2013 blow out

I wanted to come up with some catchy title but failed.

Anyway Affiliate Summit was crazy.

With our PAR Program I recently got a lot more strategic about which conferences we attend and looked at Affiliate Summit as more of a reward and fun thing for my staff.  I don’t mean that in a bad way to Affiliate Summit at all but Affiliates and Affliiate networks we don’t really target as potential clients.  Umm wrong.  We crushed it.  I don’t honestly know why I do this.  All of the affiliates that use our system are doing well and some of our highest volume users.

Its pretty crazy to see Affiliate Summit having more attendees then like all the SEO based conferences I attended in 2012 COMBINED.

Super happy for Missy and Shawn.  What an amazing event they have built.

Anyway since I went directly from ASW to Hawaii its a bit hard to remember so bare with me.

Oh before I go any further you dirtbags who tried to sneak in with last years passes.  If Missy or Shawn would have given me your names I would have been more then happy to blast you personally.  But that is not how they roll and I respect it.  But you are stilly shitty and you know it.

Also I am going to Point out specific events cause daily recaps are somewhat of a blur.

#1 racing John Chow in fast cars.  I was invited to participate in an event sponsored by All Phase Hosting which is a new company that allows you to make your own hosting company.  The winner got to pick which charity the 1k prize money went to.

Despite having the 2nd slowest car on the track I won by a lot.  I credit having a fast street bike honestly.  Going 130 on a motorcycle makes going 140 in a car seem like child’s play.

Also there is a LOT of similarity in the advanced motorcycle training course as racing around that track.  Drive to this cone and brake – when you reach this cone floor it.  Pretty robotic.


But still I will take it:



Thanks to All Phase Hosting for providing a awesome experience.

I also was interviewed by Murray Newlands a couple nights later and asked me about the event.

Monday I signed books at the MaxBounty booth.  Thanks again to those guys for buying 300 books for attendees.  I signed the books strictly on a donation basis and happy to announce we collected about $700 for Missy Wards favorite charity the Avon Foundation.  All in all I think I signed about 135 books in the 2 hour period.

Steve Hall with the photos:




missy signing


On Monday night we attended the affiliate ball.  I would go into this more but since I am not a media partner I had limited access and left a bit early.  Heard it was good though.

I was going to attend the Candy Land Mundo media party but evidently even though they supposedly spent 100k on the party I couldn’t get my other 2 staff in.  So I didn’t attend.  Thats just how I roll.

Tuesday I attended the expo hall and did a lot of networking/bizdev for the PAR Program.  I bitched out Tuesday night.  I think this old age thing is catching up with me.  Not able to pull all nighters like I did in the past.

It was great meeting everyone.  I can’t tell you how happy and proud I am to see all these affiliates evolve into running successful companies.  I have been down that round and its painful so those who were able to overcome chasing the quick buck in order to build a long term revenue stream I can relate to and know what it takes.





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