What the heck is Concierge by CoolHandle???


I don’t know about you, but after Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas I have been hearing about Concierge by CoolHandle non-stop!  At first when asked, “Hey, have you heard about Concierge?”  I thought… “uh… you mean like a hotel concierge?”  Then I went online and googled Concierge by CoolHandle and no joke, the first three pages are consumed with articles about their new service.  I felt so left out!

In an effort to redeem myself, I gathered all the knowledge I could and even contacted CoolHandle’s Marketing Director, Ryan Morris, who was more than happy to provide details on their new suite of services.

Essentially, this is a premium tailored affiliate service.  This is not just for some Joe Schmoe Internet marketer – this is the big leagues.

However, if you want to become somebody in this business I believe this is how to get there!  For the newbs, we as Internet marketers and affiliates, have to outsource all of our work to get our promotions and launches ready.  We have to get outbound and inbound calls, customer service, video production, website design, marketing materials etc.

I have worked with hundreds of vendors throughout the years that either just plain suck or have no idea what our goal is or how to achieve it.  The best thing about Concierge by CoolHandle is that they have been working with Internet marketers and affiliates for many years now.  They know our business, our needs and our sometimes crazy tight deadlines.  They literally provide every service we outsource – so we will only have to work with one dedicated team leader as opposed to contacting 5, 6 or even 10 vendors.

CoolHandle has been in business for over a decade.  When they became a part of our ever growing industry they saw potential for more and better services, which is basically how Concierge was born.

Think of Concierge as a separate part of CoolHandle Web Hosting.  In general, it’s almost like an advertising agency if you really think about it.

They can do website design, banner ads, leaderboards, marketing materials, video production and even more creative services.  Then, if that’s not enough already, since they are (at the core) a hosting company, they also offering colocation, tuned hosting, merchant services, launch control, custom integration, hosting API and much more.

My favorite part – as I’m sure your’s too – MONEY.  They created a sophisticated three-tier system to track and monitor sales.  I went through the specifics with Ryan Morris and was stunned at not only how professional it was but also how smart and all-encompassing this portion of Concierge was!

If you sign up for Concierge, you will never worry about losing commissions or financial tracking again.  You can literally just call Concierge, hand over a launch and start receiving money.  It’s honestly that simple.

I know we have all been cheated and trust has been breached before – but this is a whole new ball game.  It’s easy, competitively priced and best of all stress-free.  You will have one person who is your team leader available 24/7 for any questions, needs and requirements you may have and then leave it to the team leader to just get it done, without a hitch.

When I asked Ryan Morris, “What’s the catch?”  His reply was nothing short of refreshing, “There simply isn’t one.  We have been working with Internet marketers and affiliates for years.  We saw the struggle and frustration they had with outsourced vendors and also saw the potential to strengthen our relationships with them as partners.  We want to make their lives easier and help them in their profession.  We take the grunt work out of their hands so they can focus on their product and how they choose to market it.  If we don’t offer a service you need, tell us and we will do our best to make it happen.  It’s as simple as that!”

I’m excited to see what Concierge will do in the future and about possibly working with them, it feels elite, new and also provides a feeling of special attention in such a big and convoluted industry. If you are interested in learning more about Concierge by CoolHandle please feel free to visit their website http://concierge.coolhandle.com.

20 thoughts on “What the heck is Concierge by CoolHandle???

  1. Nuno Cabral

    Jeremy, I thinks this is like you said. “this is the big leagues”. This kind of services is for the big internet marketing sharks like you.

    For the rest of us, I think is out of our league. A service like this seems expensive!

  2. Emily Ray

    It’s not necessarily just for the big internet sharks. It’s for all marketers, it’s a tailored service, reach out to us and let’s see what we can do.

  3. Antonia

    how can one service be 100% good at all of that stuff from hosting to legal and copy writing. I just dont see how they can succeed at all of that stuff.

  4. Darnell

    if you recommend them shoe then they have to be the best. I will be checking these guys out more in the next week or two

  5. Rashad

    another affiliate program. Wonder why I have really never heard of them before. Who is the best person to get in contact with here?

  6. MicroSourcing

    Sounds like a great service that can really increase your productivity and revenue. Small Internet marketers can also benefit from it if they have the means to avail the service.

  7. Eric

    Yea I have been writing about this one..it’s one stop shop for all your outsourcing needs. Seems like a pretty nice idea.

    Though, it would be geared more towards the big leagues. Who’s a big league in your opinion?

  8. Bill

    Concierge is just the same bundle of services that CoolHandle has always offered… but with a flashy name attached to it.

  9. Owen

    About time someone did this. There is nothing more frustrating that trying to coordinate 5-6 vendors

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