Profiting From Your Competition

I just got off the phone with a PAR Program client who asked a really good question.  I won’t get specific into his business but I think it something everyone can relate to.

He said that his niche is starting to become very competitive and wanted to know how he could separate himself from his competition.

Now those of you who have been reading my stuff know that I never tell people what to do.  But what I will do is be open and share my experiences with them.

What I did to separate myself from the competition is put out tons of press releases.  Every Time you fart or do anything.  Also I did interviews with EVERYONE I could.  No matter how big their readership.

Can’t get people to give you interviews?  Reach out to people to get interviews.  Bring them on your court.  Approach them telling them you want to interview them for your blog because they have a interesting story and your readers will love to hear how they grew their company.  This is a GREAT way to start.  Don’t forget to play on people’s ego’s!

Have you ever seen all the interviews I have done on webmaster radio?  Google execs,  facebook advertising team, Microsoft peeps,  Zappos founder,  Wordpress founder and like 150 other people.

Can’t even get that ? One of my favorite things was paying $50 for a 10 minute interview about AuctionAds on little podunk radio stations around the country.  Radio is HURTING.

But even better is television! I have paid $150 OR LESS to get on local TV stations to get them to interview me.

Why?  Well I am leveraging THEIR credibility any way you slice it.  No matter if they are interviewing you or you them they will share it with people they know and most likely even give you a link on their site talking about what you do.

When other people talk about you it has 10x the effect when you are talking about yourself.

Put together a guide.  I dunno something like email conversion (#1 best seller in in web marketing at the time of writing this btw) that is super packed with value but mostly its a funnel to your business.

Not only do you make a few bucks off the book (I toggle it from free to paid a lot) but you also promote yourself and your company.  Win Win Win checkmate.

The end result is that you have established yourself as THE GUY TO GOTO or THE SERVICE TO USE.

Now that you have established yourself and your company let the competitors come.  Let them advertise the niche.  When people search google for that niche you win.

In essence you are profiting off of your competition.  Be prepared.