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2 guys and a girl at a book signing

by Jeremy Schoemaker on January 21, 2013 · 31 comments

So this was interesting. A guy comes up to the Max Bounty table where I was signing booths and was like hey ShoeMoney your the most handsome and smartest Internet marketer I know and cause of you now I’m like super successful and blah blah blah normal stuff. (That’s how I remember it anyway)

I sign his book and the next guy comes up. He’s like hey so can I be honest with you? I’m like sure. He’s like your the most egotistical, narcissistic, and illiterate asshole I’ve ever met.  This book I am sure only made your head bigger.

I look him in the eye and I’m like well I appreciate the feedback and i hope you enjoy reading my life story. Here is your book.

Course I signed it –  “Your a prick” (spelled without the ‘ intentionally).

Now I dunno what narcissistic ( i hate it when haters use big words) means but I got the rest of it.

Honestly I feel like this whole book process has made me extremely humble.

So then this girl comes up behind Steve and is like.

Her – “Hi so tell me about max bounty.”

Me – “Well they are an affiliate network but you would be better off to talk to this gentleman behind me Steve Suave.

So she is like ok well what are you doing then (I guess she thought it was was worth waiting in line to find out what MaxBounty did and didn’t know their was a internet marketing star signing books )

Me – Oh I am just signing my autobiography for people.

Her – Who is it about (again not the most perceptive person in the world)

Me – It’s about my life.

Her – So who are you ?

Me – Well. Jeremy Schoemaker – genius, multi millionaire, most influential person on the Internet, world famous blogger, and now 2 time #1 best selling author.  (see much more humble!).  Can I sign my book for you ?

Her – I guess

The I notice she was from some Christian network of some kind i notice that on her badge just as i start signing it ” just fucking read it”.  I stop and ask her if cus words or stories involving sexual escapades, bdsm, threesomes,  and other stuff like that bothers her.

She said yes they do.

I said good ok. So I crossed out what I started writing and instead wrote ” Karen, pleasure to meet you.  Just go ahead and skip chapters 2 – 9.”

Thanks to everyone for coming to my book signing.   I was a little nervous nobody would show up… seriously lol.  Never know.  Anyway great to meet everyone.  (humble).

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1 Ken savage

Pics? Or it didnt happen.

2 Nuno Cabral


“Me – Well. Jeremy Schoemaker – genius, multi millionaire, most influential person on the Internet, world famous blogger, and now 2 time #1 best selling author”

You are so HUMBLE, indeed!!!! LOL. I like your sincerity!

3 Georgie

Was it Barman giving you the abuse?

4 Max P

“Me – Well. Jeremy Schoemaker – genius, multi millionaire, most influential person on the Internet, world famous blogger, and now 2 time #1 best selling author”

Oh well I think that the only true statement for you is multimillionaire even if for me a multimillionaire have a real capital of two digits at least, hope for you it is the case.
A genius please is another different thing.
Most influential person on the internet? Nobody I know in the marketing world knows who you are, and I landed to this blog just a week ago or so and I find it not so interesting, just another wordpress blog with some marketing info.
Idem for “world famous blogger”.
Maybe the world for you is just USA.

You are too full of yourself, and definitely not humble take it like a constructive critic. There are so many people out there that make a ton of money out internet (even more than you) without screaming it anywhere.

5 Dave Westgate

Says the guy who is still here reading and commenting on the blog, a week later after finding it not so interesting.

6 Dean Saliba

I find it amusing someone would call Shoemoney narcissistic, he might be confident in his abilities but who wouldn’t be if they were as successful as he is? I have only spoken to him via Email and Twitter a couple of times and have found him easy going.

I’ll be ordering my book at the weekend and sending it for him to sign, might take a while though as I’m in the UK. :)

7 Jeremy Schoemaker

Hopefully UK pricing will be fixed soon.

8 Darnell Jackson

lol I hate it when people write autobiographies about other people

9 Eric

Now that’s a very interesting encounters and I did not know books signings could go so rough like that.

The next story has to be the encounter with Mr. Chow! Please share that one!

10 Randy

Good stuff. It’s motivating, and just an easy read. I just finished the book today and my wife is reading it now. Seriously love the no BS approach you take, and the things you say about how your wife was a game changer really hits home.

Can’t wait for the movie :)

11 Jeremy Schoemaker

….movie, I like that idea! :D

12 faisal

Jealously is everywhere, LOL.

13 Murray

you had only 3 people show up at your book signing? :/

14 Jeremy Schoemaker


15 Robert

Congrats on the book, Shoe! imo you’ve earned the right to be as big a narcissist prick you want to be. I’ve been reading your stuff for years, you’re one of the few Internet Marketers I trust.

Thanks for all the great info!

16 Seymour

why did she have your book in the first place?

17 Dwight


18 Stanley

Definitely one of your better stories of all odd things happening at affiliate summit. this is classic.

19 Herb

you and the girl arnt even from the same planet!

20 Warner

Thanks funny shit man!

21 Duncan

…..what is bdsm? :S

22 Garret

Ooohhh the innocent. She is gonna burn your book Shoe, no doubt about it! lol

23 Lucas

Well I mean at least she can read chapters 1 and 10-18 so it aint all bad.. :)

Great book by the way Shoe I enjoyed everybit of it!

24 Mckinley

God what was the name of the show that was titled like this?? Its buggin the shit outta me

25 Matt

That guy that dissed you, that was just IRL link bait. He forgot to tell you his URL though.

26 Syed Balkhi

Dude thanks for signing the book. I loved the shirt “Buy my book, B****”

27 Phil Ayres

Jeremy, I actually just finished the book. My coworker picked it up for me at the booth that day (Great people work for me!). Unfortunately, due to this massive flu epidemic, I had to stay at home and help the wife watch some kiddos. Anyway, great read. It was really good to connect the dots on your life. I have been reading your blog since I stumbled onto it in 2007. Although my internet marketing career has turned down many winding paths during that time, I have always learned a good deal from you. And, I have always been entertained by you! Keep up the good work.

Phil Ayres

28 Chris

Lol…why would someone wait in line and ask for a signing just to insult someone


Lol, at least you took it in stride and got even with wit. Some people are just retarded. Anyways, congratulations on your new book.

30 Bennett Gibbs

Shoemoney, great book! I just finished it. I have been reading your blog for some time. It was a pleasure to run into you at the signing. You have had quite the life. Great book. Now, it needs to be a movie!

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