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Free Shirt Friday – GreenPoop

by Jeremy Schoemaker on January 18, 2013 · 31 comments

This site is totally f*cking disgusting… but useful. GreenPoop will not only tell you what it means if your poop is green, but what it means if you have red poop, black poop, yellow poop, and even white poop. I know y’all are going to be looking at your poop now!

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1 Jose


2 Kelley

soooooooo is this about human poop or dog poop?

3 Dean Saliba

Nothing grabs the attention in your RSS reader more than “GREEN POOP” hahaha. I think everybody has looked at their poop now and again. :)

4 Delmer

….the thing is this site actually is kinda interesting. :P

5 Kurt

“I got a belly full of white dog shit, and now you lay this on me!”

6 Jeremy Schoemaker

Step Brothers.. nice.

7 Dale

yeah thats fucking sick.

8 Gregorio

Dude, Shoe.. some of the FSF you get are get out there.

9 Tommie

People will seriously make a website about literally everything.

10 Steve Smith

Shoe’s blog went to crap about 2 years ago.

11 Nuno Cabral

Aahahah!Very nice! Only you to promote a “poop site”.

For now on, I will look for my poop in a diferent way!

12 Louis Raymond

Shoe, your arms are covering up the bottom half of the shirt. Is the dog pooping green poop?

13 Eric

I found that poop site very helpful especially the information of how to wipe with 1 sheet of toilet paper simply amazing!

14 Jeremy Schoemaker

Hahah i know right?

15 Chris

Lol.. After having two kids, stuff like this just seems to be “the norm” :)

16 faisal

Poop can also attract many people ;p

17 Brooks

Thank you for the information, I truly enjoyed reading it and would be interested in seeing more. I also wanted to let you know about this, participate if you get a chance.

18 Masszázs

Agreed on that one ! … i am affraid .. ! :D

19 Raymundo

Bahaha this site is hilarious what a interesting niche

20 Quintin

Would have never thought to buy this domain. Site kinda sucks but I think it has potential

21 Denny

Wonder if it talks about corn poop….. Did I go to far?

22 Wilbert

Gross! I would have never thought to purchase this domain

23 Leon

Girls don’t poop!

24 Leonard

Think I pooped my pants reading this. Shoe you could have room an interesting photo for this one ;)

25 Logan

checked out the site — not only informative, but hilarious. best free shirt friday ever

26 Arnulfo

how do people come up with this shit? ( pun intended)

27 Jared

Noooooo comment !

28 Randy

human poop or dog poop?

29 Billie

Im geniunly interested because this is fucking hilarious.

30 Olin

I’ve never heard someone talk about poop so much in one place.

31 Alan

Shoe’s blog went to crap about 2 years ago.

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