Geez Louise – Book stuff is distracting!

Ill tell you what writing a book is distracting as hell!!!!!!!   Honestly when I published it I just wanted to get it out there and be like done…  But course thats not how I am wired.

So we blew it out and both the Paperback version AND digital version have been #1 best sellers and continue to jump around the top 5.

shoemoney book

The digital version maintained the #1 rank for over 24 hours so its now showing its badge in search listings!


PS get your ShoeMoney Book here if you have not already!  Trust me you will want to have the paperback version in your hands cause we are going to be doing some very fun contests and promotions for those that have it!

Honestly writing a book,  publishing paperback, and kindle,  after you go through the enourmous pain of learning how to do it is drop dead easy.  My 2nd I had for free on amazon – the email conversion guide and its been top in all of “web marketing” and “marketing” since I uploaded it with over 45,000 downloads!  Now I want to do something else.  But I need to stop ;).

Course the branding is sweet and I will have it for the rest of my life.

Ok on another note:

My friend Russell Brunson and I will be doing a webinar tomorrow.  Russell and I connect on many levels.  Like me he is a former wrestler (although much more accomplished then me).  Russell is one of the smartest marketers out there and I have learned a lot from him over the years.

here is the link to register:

I believe we will be taking live questions so don’t miss it!

Next week:

I will be at Affiliate Summit West Saturday through next Wednesday  then home for one day and then in Hawaii for 8 days with my wife.  I haven’t taken a vacation with just my wife (no kids) in over a year so that is exciting.  The blog may or may not have posts =P.  Sometimes I get super inspired after listening to a audiobook on the plane and whip out like 10 posts or sometimes I sleep.

If you are going to be at Affiliate Summit West please stop by the Max Bounty booth and pick up a FREE copy of my book (with donation of any amount to the Avon Foundation) and I will sign it at the Max bounty Booth (#515) the last 2 hours of the first days expo hall.

After I get back:

I have a TON to share on the frustrations of publishing your own book,  how I promoted it and the results of it,  my big mistakes, things I figured out, etc etc.  I learned so much about it but at the same time just how EASY it is to do if you can get through the dip of figuring it all out.   I also have a lot to share about the highly debated KDP select program,  what my experience was,  if I would do it again, etc etc.