Interview with @mixergy Andrew Warner is up!

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Andrew Warner is by far one of the best interviewers on the internet.  He has a no bullshit approach and isn’t afraid to ask some really hard hitting tough questions.

I have done a ton of interviews and am really comfortable on camera and what not….  unless its Andrew.    As you can tell in the video that sucker had me off guared a couple times ;)

You can also go to his site and listen to the interview on MP3 on his site:

ShoeMoney: “I’m the guy who blurs the lines of ethics, morals, and legality.” – with Jeremy Schoemaker:

35 thoughts on “Interview with @mixergy Andrew Warner is up!

  1. Eric

    Man the quality on this video and audio are awesome! This is so well done and I am impressed. I will be honest I did not have an hour to watch the whole video, but I will be coming back to check this out. Or is there any where I could this on podcast to be able to listen on my own time? Just wondering….



    P.S. Thanks for keeping thing so real and how honest you are with the facts!

  2. Darnell Jackson

    Yeah that was a good interview. LMFAO

    Gotta get that book man, $BBY should rehire you though.

    Seriously, they need major help. They may not make it to Black Friday 2013.

  3. Granville

    I only had time to watch 1/4th of it but its pretty good so far, illl watch the rest tomorrow.

    I hope the book is selling good!

  4. Rufus

    ahhhh I hate being the girls best friend! can relate to you in that situation I feel like most girls just use me all the time.Where can i go to seek help with this issue?

  5. Darron

    Just finished reading a few chapters of your book and wow…. lets just say you do not sugar coat anything at all. The fact that it is raw makes you very trustable

  6. Dannie

    Very long interview but intriguing I would recommend people book marking this and watching it when you have time

  7. Darnell

    I cannot believe you did that with the speakers at best buy. buying and refunding the same speakers and making a profit that is great

  8. Mister Nasty Clamps

    Jeremy: I feel a bit ashamed to admit that –– prior to your interview with Andrew on Mixergy — that I’d never heard of you.

    Wow… BIG mistake on my part!

    That interview was jaw-droppingly good. And I have become an instant fan.

    You were funny… You were insightful… And I absolutely loved the brutal honesty as you talked about business, butt wiping, body fat, and keeping your pants on in bed.

    Well done, sir. I am soooooo looking forward to reading your book.

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