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The revolution will be televised (err)

by Jeremy Schoemaker on January 7, 2013 · 43 comments

Tomorrow my Autobiography – “Nothing’s Changed But My Change – The ShoeMoney Story”. Will be released.

This is NOT a “How To Make Money Online” book.   It is my life story and if you have read any of my other personal posts on here you know I am really brutally honest and this book is no different.   I have had a crazy run…  Growing up,  doing some stuff I could still be in jail for, almost getting killed in the midst of a bad coke deal, witness protection program, 225 pounds,and so much more leading to where I am now.   The book is title “Nothing’s Changed But My Change” because its very true.  I am still the same kid who see’s angles,  takes chances,  and is willing to do what others are not.  Only now that same mindset,  with the resources I have,  have led to a lot of success online.  Whenever I run into old friends they always say, “God dude you are still the same person”.   Yup but now with a lot more change in my pocket ;).

I did a podcast interview last week with Dwight Zahringer -  You can listen to it here.  Its a little more focused on making money online and how it reelates to my book.

Here is the chapter layout:

  1. Intros and Angles 5
  2. I Am God 14
  3.  Used to Be Fat 24
  4. Ahoy Motherfucking Misfits 34
  5. Lessons from Being (Almost) Killed 46
  6. Footloose Ohio 63
  7. There Are Two Kinds of People and I’m the Second 75
  8. Welcome to the Internet, Danny LaRusso 85
  9. How to Live in a Cave 96
  10. Take the Blue Pill 108
  11. Ever Questing 116
  12. Wells Fargo Redemption 131
  13. Leaps of Faith 146
  14. Parting Out and Cashing In 164
  15. Buy a Good Bed, Marry a Good Woman (And Get Your Potholders at Target) 179
  16. You May Address Me as Doctor Schoemaker 197
  17. Holy Shit 215
  18. Nothing’s Changed but My Change 230

Also we will be streaming the launch live from the ShoeMoney headquarters and doing a shot for every 100 copies sold.  Will be get shitfaced?  LETS HOPE SO!!!

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Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of the ShoeMoney Blog, Elite Retreat Internet Conference, & the PAR Program. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 Amazon Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. Jeremy currently lives in Lincoln Nebraska with his wife and 2 daughters.

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1 Erlinda Shen

Congrats on the new book! I’m a new visitor here and have spent a lot of time this past weekend reading your blog. It is a really interesting and informative read. Can’t wait to read the book!

2 Ervin

Podcast was great. good job Shoe

3 Jerrod

Getting drunk in the office that is legit that is for sure! I cant wait to watch the maddness at your office!

4 Boris

Hahaha… loving the picture on Dwights site with his head and yours that is hilarious!

5 Deangelo

Love the names of the chapters! Did you come up with these yourself or did the ghost writer? I think this book will be epic that is for sure. Congrats Shoe

6 Carmine

get wasted!! good luck!

7 Rodrick

is taking the blue pill a reference to the matrix?

8 Sherwood

shots of what!? Don Perigon?

9 Bert

I read the 10 demo pages on doc stock. This book is a compilation of bullshit, honestly.

10 Vaughn

That is awesome!

11 Clinton

Great podcast SHOE! very insightful and I cannot wait to order the book tomorrow that is for sure

12 Numbers

cant wait to buy this damn thing

13 Colby

Representing in the BIG D! (Detroit city)

14 Carson

Hahaha love the clapping at the beginning of the podcast! Dwights voice is very professional

15 Davis

Where can we buy? Amazon? Apple Store?

16 Denny

should be a good read. congrats. always fun to read about other peoples crazy ass lives

17 Willis

cant wait to see what ShoeMoney is all about behind the scenes

18 Royal

Great to hear the book is ADD like , kinda like your personality. You are so crazy to share all the details you do.

19 Brett

Love the chapter name: Take the Blue Pill… kinda curious what this chapter will be about ;)

20 Dario

cant wait for this live streaming!!! ill do shots too

21 Markus


22 Samuel

Love that your book is short and sweet I feel like this is going to be hilarious!

23 Arlie

coke?! jeeze. crazy mofo

24 Maximo

What a great post he wrote about you! I really enjoy learning more and more about your life story.

25 Arnulfo

Dr.? You have a PHD?

26 Jarod

Loved the part about the Nextpimp evolution ! I am one of those people who just thought you were famous for your adsense check. Crazy to know that you were one of the people that started ringtones

27 Darnell Jackson

Hold up…you are who? WTF!?

That’s reason enough to pick up the book right there. Gotta see where you’re going with that.

I hope not Charles Manson lol.

28 Paul

Ok,ya hooked me. I ordered it along with another book I wanted and can’t wait to read it. You have always delivered the goods. Thanks and have a another great year.

29 Scott J

Oh congratulations on the book Jeremy. Some of those chapter titles have really peak my interest. It’s 12:17am my time ~ what time does the launch party start?

30 faisal

Awesome, waiting for it. Should be available across all ebook platforms, hopefully.

31 Crunch

Podcast was great! Great done job!

32 Sam

“Intros and Angles”

I’m dyslexic – is that angles as in halos and flying people, or angles as in sides of a square? :(

33 Paul

Just wanted to ad that I like the cover shot. Looking forward to the read.

34 Eric

Congrats on the new book! I will be telling others about this one!

35 Matt

Congrats! The one thing that impresses me about you is the ability to live full and still balance that with a family life. Not easy to do!

I still remember way back when I posted on DP Shoemoney interview is in “Webmaster Magazine” and you were like, what? And it ended up being some info ad they used without your consent. Complete with a pic of you with your Hummer.

36 Matt

Oops…I meant Website Services magazine.

37 chad mirr

Congrats Shoe….doing what you love! Good stuff buddy. This will be a must read for me.

38 Pawel Reszka

I listened to the interview you did. Very inspiring. Good stuff man and congrats on getting the book out.

39 Tim Miller

Thanks Jeremy,

Actually, one of the best stories that i would extremely love to hear from successful bloggers is the journey they have encountered from the past until they finally reach their successful carriers.

40 MicroSourcing

The chapters have very interesting titles. While it’s not a “How to” book, memoirs can be instructional in that readers can learn from the author’s life lessons.

41 complete

I was browsing the net and I found your site, I enjoyed reading every lines of your review. This is very informative.

42 Greg

Listened to the podcast, good stuff man.

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