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Last week… or I guess it was almost a couple now (dang holidays make time fly by) I told you about my friend Jon that launched a product.

The product has sold for thousands of dollars in the past but Jon decided to try something new.  He started the product at $9 and incremented the price 1 penny everytime someone bought it. The price is now at $19 dollars and Jon has decided to keep it there locked for a few more days.

I have seen this model with a few different niches but  never in the internet marketing space.

The results?  Jon has sold over 2000 copies (most in the first 48 hours!) bringing in well over over $30,000 in gross sales.

The product is a no brainer.  Its saved me so much time and money…  Check it out if you have not yet.

But why would he do this?  The normal price is $1995,  which he has sold hundreds of copies of, for 1/100th of the price? He could sell only 15 copies and have the same gross income.

Here is the deal.  The game has drastically changed.  Everyone is used to cheap products making crazy claims.  That is Jon’s competition.  But the difference is while these hucksters are selling scripts that don’t really do much Jon’s Rockstar software is amazing and worth every penny even at $1995.

But unlike these hucksters with junk Jon has spent over a million dollars and 2 years developing this product.  And he is an absolute perfectionist.  I had to drastically twist his arm just to release it now.  It is amazing.

But I digress…

The major point is that you have to earn users trust.  When you lower the price point and deliver an amazing value,  then when you release your next product people know its going to be amazing cause you have brought them amazing value.  PLUS think about all the people who are talking about how awesome it is and how they will refer a ton of people… even when it goes back to the $1995 price in a few days.

So just think about this the next time you launch a product.

Again Jon’s software is only available for a couple more days before it goes back to the $1995 price point so make sure to get your copy now.



29 thoughts on “The rockstar case study

  1. Jospeh

    Shoe I just am gonna be blunt honest. I am really pissed that the price is only $19 even if its for a
    “couple days”.

    I paid the full price for it and I am not saying that its not worth it.. just…

    1. Ron Swanson

      Ya id be pissed too if I paid the full price and then they go and do this. I feel it hurst their business more than anything, pissing off the people who paid the full price.

  2. Nick

    For those who don’t know, it’s a banner maker service that you have to buy credits for to keep using.

  3. Steve Smith

    Shoe, you’re confusing people.

    The product is not worth, $1995.

    More like, the information it contains was relevant for 1995!

  4. Eric

    A very interested strategy and price point. But I guess if it’s working that more power to him. Where else have you seen this pricing model before?

  5. Brian

    To honest with you this is a bunch of baloney.

    1) You express of affiliate marketing has taken a turn for the worst. That is why this tool is not worth that much anymore.

    2) For someone to spend $1000 without a free trial is absolutely crazy on a product! If the product is worth something then you can give a free trial. Seems a bit BS to me.

    All big products have free trials. It makes sense that if you are providing a service you cannot offer a free trial but this is a product!

    According to Samual comment. Exactly.. Why are we buying this?

    This guy has a warrior post with only 4 posts promoting a product on Shoemoney.

    2013 is a very blunt year for me! :)

    Happy marketing people!

    3) If you spent $1,000,000 on building the product you are crazy my friend! Everyone knows with project management & outsourcing you can build for a fraction of the cost.

    Not a smart dude in my opinion.

  6. Basil

    Sorry to say but if this was actually a good product it would be on the shelves somewhere like Best Buy or what have you. With that being said though if it only $20 right now f*ck it, its worth a shot

  7. Elliot

    While yes I can see how this can make enemies offering it this low I think it is still great marketing.

  8. Graham

    I mean I understand that he lowered it to 19 but he had to do some other sort of promotions to sell 2000 copies in the first 48 hours..

  9. Tim Miller

    I’m always amazed every time i hear about how internet entrepreneurs manage to sell thousand of intangible products like this software in just such a short time. I think these kind of people already have their best ever formula that 100% will ABSOLUTELY WORK!!

    I think selling intangible products like contents, software and apps will become the trend in the long term future.

  10. Frank

    Nice try, but no thanks.
    That software is a shame, come on!
    Rockstar is also a well known trademark.

    On the awful promotion page on that forum I see it was supposed to sell at $997 and not $1995 dollars as you skillfully say to give more emphasis to the supposed price cut.

    For that price I can buy the last Adobe Master Collection that really need millions in investments each release, not an useless banner maker as there are a ton out there.

    I cannot believe people in 2013 still fall down in these tricks LOL.

    1. Jeremy Schoemaker Post author

      Wow I appreciate your opinion MR Anonymous you do have a point if you have the Ability to create ads for facebook and every major format in the same amount of time then that would be probably a better investment for your money. Not sure how its a trick for $19…

  11. Michael Malbrough

    First, to address all the blog comment trolls, yes this product used to sell for 2k. I was on one of Jon’s webinars about 2 years ago and that was the price.

    Second, the cheap skates. Yes the software is worth the tiny shekel that he has it for sale for. No there isn’t a free trial but who cares.

    Now, I will let everyone know that I am not going to buy it because it doesn’t fit into my current business promotion plan. However, I would suggest getting it if you are going to use banner ads in any point in the near future. The value is outstanding.

    My takeaway from this promotion is that the best way to make great money is to offer 100x the value that you charge people to get it. That and get lots of affiliates. 😉

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