Who is Hosting This? – Free Shirt Friday

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Pretty self-explanatory really, find out whose hosting what website…. BUT WAIT THERES MORE! You can also read reviews and write your own about experience with companies hosting your site.  Check out WhoIsHostingThis.com .

If you would like to see your website or company featured on Free Shirt Friday click here.

30 thoughts on “Who is Hosting This? – Free Shirt Friday

  1. Jean

    Im surprised more of your shirts arnt double sided. or were they this is just a new thing your doin?

  2. Claudio

    loving the free shirt fridays i always find out about the most interesting sites from your posts.

  3. Sebastian

    I will have to certainly check out this site! This may be very helpful as I am trying to decide who to go with… I have checked out HostDime and Hostgator. Does anyone else have recommendations?

  4. Derek

    I looked up my domain and they got the wrong web host listed. I never even visited the site they said my domain was hosted on.

    Still a cool site to read web hosting review’s.

  5. Gary

    Hey Jeremy,

    I have question for you which is not giving me peace these days. If you have the amount of money you are talking about in some of your posts, why the hell not buy a better camera to make these photos?

    No bad feelings, just asking :)

    1. Jeremy Schoemaker Post author

      No its a good question. We have 8 SLR cameras at the office I won from promoting various things… I think its more the photographer *cough mitch cough*.

      But you don’t have to have a lot of money to buy a good camera =P.

      1. Gary

        Thanks for the reply. Maybe you should think about changing the photographer :)

        P.S. This is my first time asking this question and only post it once.

  6. visit averagepenissize.com here

    Thats a cool shirt, but I doubt that kinda direct advertising will work for people on the street. Maybe if you are a techie going office to office it would work though!

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