@MaxBounty Giving Away 300 ShoeMoney Books at ASW!

I have been doing business indirectly and directly with MaxBounty for many years. We have crossed paths many times since I started in affiliate network. MaxBounty has always been professional and the nicest guys in the industry.  The Suave dudes are always guys you can approach about whatever and get a straight answer.

While other networks are dropping like flies and some even leaving affiliates holding the bag, MaxBounty is stronger than ever.

  • 8+ years of ALWAYS on-time payments
  • Still paying weekly
  • Still offering a $1K new affiliate performance bonus
  • Still present and visible at trade shows
  • Still growing
  • Hosting AffiliateRewards.com in Las Vegas for our top affiliates

Well I am happy… err …  ECSTATIC to announce MaxBounty has purchased 300 of my new book – Nothing’s Changed But My Change to give out at their booth #515

Since the book will not launch until next week there is a good chance the people who get them from the MaxBounty booth will be the FIRST people to have the physical book in their hands!

I will also be signing copies at their booth the last 2 hours of the first day of the expo hall.

I just want to say a special thanks to Steven and J.P. Suave for all of their support.

Make sure you get to their booth.  300 will go pretty fast and I bet they will have one of the busier booths at ASW!

See you guys there!