@MaxBounty Giving Away 300 ShoeMoney Books at ASW!


I have been doing business indirectly and directly with MaxBounty for many years. We have crossed paths many times since I started in affiliate network. MaxBounty has always been professional and the nicest guys in the industry.  The Suave dudes are always guys you can approach about whatever and get a straight answer.

While other networks are dropping like flies and some even leaving affiliates holding the bag, MaxBounty is stronger than ever.

  • 8+ years of ALWAYS on-time payments
  • Still paying weekly
  • Still offering a $1K new affiliate performance bonus
  • Still present and visible at trade shows
  • Still growing
  • Hosting AffiliateRewards.com in Las Vegas for our top affiliates

Well I am happy… err …  ECSTATIC to announce MaxBounty has purchased 300 of my new book – Nothing’s Changed But My Change to give out at their booth #515

Since the book will not launch until next week there is a good chance the people who get them from the MaxBounty booth will be the FIRST people to have the physical book in their hands!

I will also be signing copies at their booth the last 2 hours of the first day of the expo hall.

I just want to say a special thanks to Steven and J.P. Suave for all of their support.

Make sure you get to their booth.  300 will go pretty fast and I bet they will have one of the busier booths at ASW!

See you guys there!

17 thoughts on “@MaxBounty Giving Away 300 ShoeMoney Books at ASW!

  1. Mike

    I love the giveaways at these conferences! Looks like this Affiliate Summit will be the best one yet! Where’s the party at?

  2. Paul Gallimore

    Hi Jeremy,

    Tragically, I don’t have the same motivation to give MaxBounty the pat on the back that you do – they haven’t bought any of my books. However, I do have a friend who also speaks highly of them.


  3. Ned

    Cannot wait for ASW! This is going to be huge shoe what a great way to kick off your book and the year with a great conference and book in hand!

  4. Jakub

    I agree with you Shoemoney. I cooperate with maxbounty for 6 months and they are very solid partner. They always send money on time weekly and help me with anything.

  5. Christian

    I can’t make it to ASW this year, when is the official release date so I can get a copy then? Iv been looking and I cant find anything on your blog.

  6. Keith

    I’ve done a little work with them guys in the past just to test the waters, seemed like a good company just not quite what I was looking for.

  7. Chris

    I have a lot of respect for MaxBounty, it seems in these days many of the networks are either shutting down, not paying or just disappearing, they just keep on going strong and giving back – good for them.

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