Your company in my autobiography?

You only get one shot at launching your Autobiography right?

I started thinking last week about how we could raise a bunch of money for charity and get some publicity for the book. Then it hit me.

  • Each company or website that makes a $2500 donation will get their logo and url to their site in the book. It will be in the back pages explaining what it’s for. There will be 4 pages total with 5 companies per page (20).
  • Each company will also be mentioned in a press release we will be putting out with links to their websites.
  • Each company will also have their logo and link on the book homepage – (coming very soon)
  • Each company will be featured in the print and electronic versions of the book.

So that is it!

Here is the link to donate ==>

I reached out to some friends in the industry and here are the companies already onboard!

 As you can see we only have a couple spots left as of right now.  Looking at the list above you will be in great company!
Here is the link to donate ==>
  • Avon Breast Cancer Research
  • Lincoln People’s City Mission
  • Matt Talbots Kitchen
  • Wounded Warrior Project

Here is the link to donate ==>

I just want to thank everyone who donated! This book is a huge deal for me and I really appreciate it!