Francisco Dao is a loser @theman

I have had this in my drafts folder for a bit. When I first wrote it I was really pissed. I can’t disagree with this topic more. I stopped going half cocked and letting it fly (for the most part) on the post button so its been in my drafts. I let it go for a bit but I wanted to post it because its a really important top.

So I ran across this article called “Networking is for Losers“. The article is short and to the point.

This paragraph pretty much sums it up:

The kind of people you want to meet aren’t out at networking events, handing out business cards. Think about it. Have you ever seen Marc Andreessen at a Tweet-up or a monthly chamber of commerce mixer? Of course not. He doesn’t have time to hang out with smankers and people trying to sell him things. Going to an open networking event is like going to a dating party for really unattractive people. There might be an occasional diamond in the rough, but usually it’s just rough.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Side NoteI have met Mr. Networking is For Losers, Francisco Dao, at a networking event in San Francisco. He was working for Neil Patel at the time on some project that I believe he eventually got fired from. You could tell he thought he was big shit in the VC scene. Even though hes like 50 years old or something and has never done anything other than work or write for others.

If you have been reading my blog for about any length of time you know I can’t stand people that give advice or talk about things that they have NO ACTUAL EXPERIENCE DOING.

Guess what? I have met Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Cuban, Kevin Rose, Paris Hilton and etc etc at private parties. I even got Mark Cuban to show up at our Tweetup in Minneapolis. I even ran into Tim Ferris at a networking event in Omaha, Nebraska. Guess how much business I have done with them? DICK.

General Networking is where it is you dumbshit.

This is why you (Francisco) have never accomplished anything. You are trying to ride these guys nuts attending elite parties hoping they will remember you from all the ass kissing you do.

I like to be with regular people. What you call “unattractive people” or “smackers” are what I call my people. I like to hang with regular people. This is why at any event you will find me at the expo hall meeting and talking with people. Ask anyone who has ever met me. I don’t care if your selling hotdogs or balling out of control. Ive been on both ends and love to talk with others and what they are doing.

Here is from my experience – all of my major successes have come from free networking events. At 3am playing poker with internet marketers someone suggested I make AuctionAds. At a free lunch someone gave me the idea to start my own conference series. At NYC I ran into a guy randomly who suggested I make my own info product.

And here is the best one. Before anyone knew who I was or existed… I was networking with some friends and a guy said to me – You know what you should start your own blog…

I’ll stick with the losers…