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Free Shirt Friday – Rap Music Guide

by Jeremy Schoemaker on December 14, 2012 · 19 comments

This site is pretty crazy actually and great for you rap die hards. You are able to go back and check rap albums that have been released to see if they were the real deal or bootleg copies, they have descriptions of the bar codes on the back even. Somebody clearly spent a lot of their time at Rap Music Guide to get all this information.

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1 Darnell Jackson

Man what happened to Hip Hop?

2 Jeremy Schoemaker

Right? Haha we wend to Public Enemy last week, it was awesome!

3 daniel

I love this Jeremy.

Thanks for this!

4 faisal

Shirt seems too big for you.

5 Oleg

This is a RAP t-shirt) It has to be big lol

6 Jeremy Schoemaker


7 David Braybrooke

Rap Music Guide has a terrific blog, lovers of the genre will find plenty of great info. and savvy facts. The recent post about the World Trade Centre rap album cover will guarantee to make your jaw drop. Freaky stuff!

8 Jeremy Schoemaker

Damn that is pretty crazy, I just went and read it myself.

9 Omar

Yes. Yes. Yes. on so many levels. Yes.

10 Michael

This is actually a really sick site

11 Tobias

99 problems and TShirts aint one

12 Max

Thug Life

13 Rudolph

lllllloooooo f-ing l

14 Timothy

I can’t take this. This is one of the best free shirt fridays ever.

15 Collin

Haha, Keep it real Shoe.

16 Tim Miller

Great T-Shirt Jeremy! You surely love rap music, do you?


If you prefer some dance pop beats then you will need to make use of various bass
lines and sounds to make yourself distinct from the usual jazz and rap sounds.
If you’re only making rap and hiphop music then chances are you will only need a basic beat maker with some sort of drum machine, synthesizers and a handful of other sounds.

Shoemoney 18 Anonymous

The website has lots of bad information. It’s almost like the wikipedia of rap music. Very unreliable information.

19 samir

nice post. basically i like
afro beat music but i like rap music too. i think it will help to increase my music knowledge…….

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