Want to be a ShoeMoney Author/Contributor?

When I first started ShoeMoney.com in 2003 I was a complete newbie. I was documenting items as I was doing them. Everything from my first business as doing eBay Arbitrage… then talking about my fun ringtone site and then one day when I got a call from Google about AdSense and I placed the code and made some good coin.

Then I shared how I optimized that… learned how to sell direct advertising, products, made money from subscriptions, and donations.

That lead into the affiliate game. I shared everything I learned as I was learning it. Naturally progressed. I shared items like how I tested 10k on every major ppc engine learning all the differences. Shared a day by day experience in doing that.

Then I built my first service AuctionAds.com. I shared my blueprint on what I was doing marketing it. As you may or may not know that company in 4 months grew to 20k+ active publishers doing millions of month in revenue. And I sold it almost 4 months to the day I sold it. Again I continued to share all of this as it was going on.

I continued to share items as I learned them.

Then I started the ShoeMoney System (now free) … My own product. Again sharing everything I was learning. The product has grossed close to 5 million dollars to date.

But as you see here there is somewhat of a pyramid of people that can benefit from these experiences.

  • I was able to help a lot of people when I was just getting started.
  • Then I was able to help people who had their own websites.
  • Then I was able to help people who were making money make more from other revenue sources.
  • Then I was able to help people make their own service.
  • Then people who wanted to make their own product.

As you see like even though the blog continues to grow in traffic and authority in the industry the people that get benefit has lowered in my opinion.

So I am seeking authors who are doing real things and are open to sharing real results. Benefits to you would be you get exposure for your website and/or product you are talking about. Plus a bi-line on posts you write. In addition to all that it will also get your name out there as someone you should listen to.

But with that said this is not a solicitation for people who just want to shill their products. I am looking for people with real experience who are going to share real value.

I am not sure in this day in age people are willing to do so but if you are contact mitch@shoemoney.com and we will see whatcha got ;).

This does not by any means mean that I will no longer be writing.  So don’t worry 😉