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With our PAR Program we have 11 of our clients that have given us explicit permission to anonymously aggregate their data to provide some statistics.

This data is based on sending 30 million emails.

Keep in mind these are not spammers. These are well branded e-commerce or service oriented companies using our enterprise solution.

I just want to be clear on that. These companies combined have a email rate spam report rate of .0006. But that is also very low because they are emailing their existing database of clients as well as new clients interested in their services or products.

Ok with that said we have put together the following stats. Again please keep in mind these are mostly “value add” emails.

These are just email stats from Par Program customers who have given us permission to anonymously share then in aggregate. I will compile some interesting social stats soon.

  • People open and click on the most emails between 9am and 11:30am CST on weeknights and 7pm to 10pm CST on the weekends.
  • People open and click on the most emails on Mondays.
  • People make buying decisions from emails received on Thursdays. (they clicked on a link and made a purchase).
  • The average time someone takes to make a buying decision from a email is 4 days.
  • The average time of day people make a purchase 7pm to 10:30pm CST
  • The longest we have seen for someone to purchase a product or service from a email we have sent is 6 months (since we started the company).
  • Shorter subject lines get higher percentage rates.  1 word subject lines scoring the highest
  • Capitals on every word in the subject line have a 25% less open rate then subjects with every word in lowercase.

So these are ones I thought were interesting…  What else would you like to see?  Keep in mind I am not going to share any $ amounts or name any clients who have volunteered to contribute stats.

If you are selling a product or service online check out our People Acquisition & Retention Program.

37 thoughts on “Stats from sending 30 million emails

  1. Erwin

    I find it interesting that uppercase subject lines are being less opened. I would have thought the other way around because it draws people’s attention

  2. Jacko

    Thanks for sharing these extremely valuable findings.

    What defines a spammer? Amazon damn sure spams the hell out of my account with updates out the ying yang until eventually I click on one and buy.

  3. Justin

    So interesting act-on or marketo do not show these types of case studies. Loving how you are so transparent and guiding us on your journey with your new company.

    1. Jeremy Schoemaker Post author

      Well a lot of it boils down to having clients that share the data with us. If it wasn’t for them I would have a very small sample that wouldn’t be very statistically relevant.

  4. Jerrod

    The first bullet point is so true for myself! On the weekends I can honestly say I don’t look at my email until I get into bed .

    1. Jeremy Schoemaker Post author

      Well I personally have not used Marketo but we have had 2 clients convert from Marketo. We here the same thing pretty much from each… that Marketo can do a lot but it requires a lot of work and a steep learning curve… and most had to hire expensive consultants and still did not get what they wanted from it.

      If a company is looking for a platform that aquires new customers and grows/retains existing ones we have no competition.

    1. Jeremy Schoemaker Post author

      Well its a different service. And a much more expensive one at that. Personally I feel systems like them or act on or whatever do a ton of things but nothing well. If you want a enterprise email and social media customer acquisition service then we are who you go to. If you want a CRM then goto sales force. If you want webinar use gotomeeting/webinar. All are very good at what they do. Getting a service that says they can do all this sounds great… but in reality its so complicated and the level of capabilities for each are just not what using companies that specialize in those do.

  5. Mohamed

    I would love to see the roi! Can you do a case study on one client form a three month span of what he has seen from par ?

  6. Jerrold

    Do you think you can show us stats from one person in your database on what information you can gather and show why it is beneficial?

    1. Jeremy Schoemaker Post author

      We do have a reseller program but its pretty much in infancy. I don’t see us ever having a affiliate program because its not a self service model. Use the contact form on the PAR Program website for more information.

  7. Chi

    So. Are you saying I should not expect a buying decision to be made until Thursday? I think that it crap because I see my highest conversion on Mondays

  8. Kevin

    Is it coincidence, or it seems to me that the greatest number of emails were opened on Monday, and then purchases were made four days later, the average time it took someone to make a buying decision… I get the idea that this is just stats tho.

    So is it four days to make a sale, or a Thursday..

    **edit, sorry for double post**

  9. Marcus

    Will the PAR Program work for a site that does not have it’s own product, but whose main focus is just on building a niche list- Squeeze page, redirecting to an affiliate offer, and then marketing that offer again on the backend in conjunction with other affiliate offers.

    Or is it only appropriate if you have your own product?

    Also, you state, “If a company is looking for a platform that acquires new customers and grows/retains existing ones we have no competition.”

    So PAR Program will help to generate leads as well? Yes/No. Thanks in advance.

  10. Tim Burd

    Im curious if for your PAR program clients you have seen any interesting trends in the switch from desktop/laptop to mobile as it does differ for every demographic a bit.
    Also curious if you checked which browser/phone OS is most likely to buy your product…
    Did you take into account in the last 6 months the weather has been pretty decent and the next 6 months are significantly different. Im curious how open rates will be I assume also that during the holidays and maybe even increasingly over time (Im no mailing expert), one word subject lines would work better because people scan over pages typically more and more these days and dont actually READ them. Thus why highlighting phrases or using bold text is quite effective. In a lot of the demographics I work with for my clients I find that typos/mis-used grammar actually has not only a much higher CTR but also conversion rate as well. It makes sense but happened one day completely by mistake so I ran with it. Funny how these things work.

    Hit me up sometime Jeremy, I create data algo’s among other things and would be more than happy to offer some more ideas to the PAR Programs development :)

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