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Its human nature to envy someone right? I mean thats why it was named one of the deadly sins…

IMO, out of all the sin’s, envy is the ONLY one that has no upside. Think about it for a minute. Sloth, greed, gluttony etc all have some upside… but envy? Envy crushes people.

People are so envious of John Chow its not even funny. Until this year the biggest reason was always his blog. He makes a comfy six figure a year income writing a blog titled “I make money by telling people how I make money”.

Last summer John created a product that is one of the highest grossing products on all of Clickbank for 2012. And keep in mind it didn’t even launch until mid year. As of right now its STILL in the top 3 best selling info products…

John is about to launch a new product called Blogging with John Chow.

I have gotten early access to this product and not only is it good stuff but there is also 2 items in particular that I believe will help newbies greatly.

A 30 day action plan is included – Getting started blogging is super intimidating. Lots of options… but the barrier to entry can be daunting. But when you look at “what do I need to do today” it breaks it down a lot better.

A Complete Blogging Course – Often times I talk about how I purchase a lot of info products and always come away with something. I had our intern go through all the videos and take notes. Then from his notes I watched the parts I was particularly interested in. For people that are just starting there is a TON of take aways. But what a lot of people might be surprised about is a 9 year 2000+ post blogger like me already implemented 2 of his suggestions and its helping me make money.

But again you have to actually use the product for it to be effective for you. This is why I love the 30 day action plan. When you get this product it will help ensure that you actually consume it and are not completely frustrated just being given a ton of info.

Sure you can be John Chow in a couple years and make a six figure income but if your a newbie you need to know what to do right now for 10 mins. What to do tomorrow for 10 mins… etc.. Great way to approach it.

So anyway check out John’s new product Blogging With John Chow. Its great stuff.


Disclosure: I have been in no way shape or form compensated for this post other than receiving a review copy of the product.

46 thoughts on “Keep hating on John Chow

  1. Steve

    I hate John Chow too. All those crazy videos from the conventions, the drinking, the dinner photos. He never works. So envious.

  2. Penny Lane

    I agree with Rob, a blog is about content. If the content blows, you will never go anywhere with it.

  3. Bobby Y

    I enjoy reading blogs, and have always wanted to start one. Maybe this will help me get over that “hump”

  4. Casey

    I agree with you Shoe, I hate when people buy products say it is a scheme but the only reason why they say that is because they never really use it at all. You cant be lazy to make money

    1. Anita

      yep. have to be proactive people. nobody every made money by being a lazy POS. except trust fund kids..

  5. Kermit

    I am sooo in love with John Chow. Love his new product. I have tried and I think it is one of the greatest investments I have ever made I would say with an online purchase

  6. Forrest

    It is only a 30 day product? I may have to give this a try. Thanks for the information. How much is the cost of it?

  7. Nancy

    It’s not like he did nothing. He put himself out there and people responded. John may be flaunting the ease of his success a little but he didn’t start at the top. And he should appreciate what he has while he can. You can’t take it with you. That’s my input. Enjoy.

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  10. Jacko

    The greatest revenge is success.

    People need to focus their energy on being positive and focused on THEIR goals even when clowns are trying to bring you down.

    Don’t lose sight of the real goal. SUCCESS not proving them wrong. As time passes you forget who THEY are.

  11. Candice

    I’m new to this whole online thing, hopefully this will give me a good start!!! Lots of recommendations to check out this site, and now I will peek at John Chows.

  12. Denny

    I honestly feel like that Disclosure was need cause as I was reading this I was thinking “humm I wonder how much John Chow is paying him for this one”

  13. Johnny

    He is selling a product on how to make money. Where has he actually made money though other than selling how to make money products? Any ideas? I’m curious.

    And don’t hate on success. Good for him. We all wish we could be successful like him in one way or another from a monetary perspective.

    1. BeYourOwnBoss

      You just answered your own question there, Johnny. Selling information products and advertising space.

      I agree with you “don’t hate on success”. I say fair play to him and as we say here in Ireland,
      “F**k the begrudgers”

  14. Actually_Making_Money_Oline

    Don’t forget to try close window and get John’s awesome exit pop so you can signup for his spam list.
    He’ll provide you with tons of value that you couldn’t figure out by yourself – LOL.

    don’t follow – LEAD! or else go work for someone and forget about being self employed.

  15. Ninja Dude Guy

    You kind of have to respect how he consistently sells information that is availaible everywhere online for free for money.

    That is an epic skill in itself :)

    Envy, no.

    Respect, yes.

    A little less respect for the average consumer of mmo products, hell yes.

    Dumb people be dumb.

  16. Yuk Foo

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh… Chow a pimp too….eh?

    All you whiney butt no nothing!

    Man make money cuz man doing something

    How bout you?

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