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Free Shirt Friday – Would you…

by Jeremy Schoemaker on November 30, 2012 · 10 comments

Interesting FSF to say the least. This is a pretty damn funny book filled with  “would you ___ with a ___ for a million dollars” kind of questions. Then the best part is it goes into explanations of what kind of person you are if you say yes or no. For only $3 on Amazon its worth a good laugh. Would you…

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1 Ngan Tengyuen

That is one hairy leg

2 faisal

Haha, interesting concept.

Looking at the picture, I wouldn’t!

3 Rick Noel

For a million dollars, perhaps :-) Now I have to buy the book to find out what that means!

4 Noah

Haha this book would make a great holiday gag gift

Shoemoney 5 Ron Swanson

I would do a lot of things for a million dollars.

6 Chester

Would you rather eat toe fungus or ear wax for a million dollars …. Because I know I would do neither

7 Myles

Jeremy…. Would you rather Steve jobs or bill gates

8 Gary

This is an ‘interesting’ FSF indeed Shoe. The image of the shirt and the image on the front cover of the book make me cringe haha

9 Lester

I bought this and read it a little over the weekend, I will say it’s worth the $3…. nothing more though.

10 Freddie

I love doing these sort of questions, brings me back to the high school days on the bus to sporting events.

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