Free Shirt Friday – Would you…

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Interesting FSF to say the least. This is a pretty damn funny book filled with  “would you ___ with a ___ for a million dollars” kind of questions. Then the best part is it goes into explanations of what kind of person you are if you say yes or no. For only $3 on Amazon its worth a good laugh. Would you…

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10 thoughts on “Free Shirt Friday – Would you…

  1. Chester

    Would you rather eat toe fungus or ear wax for a million dollars …. Because I know I would do neither

  2. Gary

    This is an ‘interesting’ FSF indeed Shoe. The image of the shirt and the image on the front cover of the book make me cringe haha

  3. Lester

    I bought this and read it a little over the weekend, I will say it’s worth the $3…. nothing more though.

  4. Freddie

    I love doing these sort of questions, brings me back to the high school days on the bus to sporting events.

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