2012’s top trade show displays: What made them so appealing?

While the last year the economy has been going through tough times, the trade show industry has managed to continue to flourish. Throughout 2012 trade show displays continued to evolve, attract visitors and display designs and concepts that continue to amaze and capture the imagination of attendees.

A number of trends really drove some of the top trade show displays to success this year. Some of those trends included interactive media, integrated technology, LED lighting, unique fabric structures and displays that created an environment and experience for trade show attendees. Many top trade show displays this year utilized these types of elements. Let’s look at some top trade show displays from 2012, and why they were successful designs.

Allwin Powersports

Allwin Powersports attended the 2012 DealerExpo for their brand LS2 Helmets. Their booth was a great success, increasing their sales and sales leads. What brought about this result? An intelligently designed custom modular exhibit that kept the focus on Allwin’s products. Their modular pieces were shaped as hollow cylinders which created multiple booth spaces for guests. With this design Allwin was able to divide their display according to products and include a small seating area for meetings. Small details are what truly made this booth showcase its products well, with movable, lighted, acrylic boxes and stands to hold products.

A large custom fabric structure hung high above the booth to draw attention. Allwin also took advantage of the bright color in their brand, opting for a bright red carpet that made the exhibit POP from far away. In addition to bright colors their large scale dynamic graphics depicting different motorcycle sports made it clear what their company did, and added an impressive visual element to the display.

Overall, Allwin was able to create a dynamic, appealing display with intelligent design that played on the visual strength of the company’s products.


Amada exhibited at the International Manufacturing Technology show held in the very large McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. Their trade show display proved that you don’t always need to be near the entrance to make a splash. When they found themselves in the back corner of the hall, they saw an opportunity to go big or go home, and they turned what could have been a bad booth location, into the talk of the trade show hall.

They were able to capture the attention of visitors from the back of the trade show hall with a custom 100’ x 22’ curved fabric structure. The white fabric structure was used to project informational videos about the company, and projected their logo so branding was visible from very far away.

Midwest Fastener

Midwest Fastener is a leading distributor of packaged fasteners for hardware stores, and this year they made a splash at the Orgill Fall Dealer market with a unique exhibit. Their exhibit made use of a unique hanging structure which called attention to their products. A 17ft long suspended rotating silver screw added the WOW factor to this booth. They successfully kept visitors attention when they arrived with integrated LCD screens sharing information about their products. They even won an award for “best new booth” at the show, bringing further attention to the appealing exhibit.

Each of these top booth designs from 2012 played to their strengths, and incorporated unique design and technology to reach their audience and showcase their products and services.