Post image for Adknowledge – Still the place to go if you’re trying to make money from email data

Adknowledge – Still the place to go if you’re trying to make money from email data

by Jeremy Schoemaker on November 27, 2012 · 19 comments

In the last couple years I have been both an advertiser and a publisher with Adknowledge.  With all the CPA networks dropping like flies and not paying their partners, I really like to showcase the ones that are rock solid financially and always pay on time.

From an email data standpoint they have some unique monetization options. If you’re looking to mail something other than the same old offers you get from every other network, this is the place to be.

They have a very nice proprietary interface, very easy to navigate, making it easy to keep track of your earnings.

From an advertiser perspective – when we had the ShoeMoney System for sale as a Bizop Adknowledge drove us some of the highest quality traffic.  Lowest refund rate, complaints etc etc.

They really focus on quality over quantity and they police their publishers to make sure they are not positioning your product as something it’s not… just to drive sales and get commissions.  In fact, earlier this year they scored highest in an independent study done by The Pert Group for highest earnings, best account management, financial stability and a bunch of other areas.

So if you’re looking for some decent offers, I highly recommend you check them out.

The signup process is pretty straight forward.  Go here to sign up.


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Shoemoney 1 Ron Swanson

whatever happened to the shoemoney system?

2 Jeremy Schoemaker

We decided to make it free –

Shoemoney 3 Jamie Lund

have always been interested in working with them

Shoemoney 4 Steve R

Yes, Jeremy. I liked the Shoemoney System. Always found valuable information in there.

5 Jeremy Schoemaker


Shoemoney 6 Total Bro.

lame. i got a refund

Shoemoney 7 Bobby Y

Good to know from a respected person in the industry. can be hard to trust people here

Shoemoney 8 Trent

I have used adknowledge, and completely agree. never shady

Shoemoney 9 Elise Mangi

Nice to know they don’t push things just to get commish. That can screw people over in the end with all the refunds.

Shoemoney 10 Jim Denson

plug plug plug

Shoemoney 11 Penny Lane

Bring back shoemoney system!!!!

Shoemoney 12 Clyde

Never really thought to give adknowledge a chance. will check out

13 Dustin

Adknowledge has been absolutely awesome for me. They’re really great at matching the right offers with the right data.

14 Amber Moyer

We switched to Adknowledge after our last network went under and have been pleasantly surprised at the service level they provide. In almost a year, we’ve never had any payment issues either. I think that says a lot!

15 faisal

Why is everything black and not readable?

16 Sam Bisnis Internet

I’ve been with adknowledge for 2 years now and I have reached my first success in CPA by working with them, before Hydra had been aquired by them.

17 Steve Smith

Eventually the marketplace decides the true value of a product.

Hence the Shoemoney System being given away for free.

18 Adajize Affiliates

Great Site and resources Justin you are the man bro!


19 Chet

Does anyone know of someone I can talk with at Adknowledge to get started?

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