Info on the hottest party during ASW

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Just when you think networks are done blowing it out, here comes a crazy party during Affiliate Summit West 2013.

Mundo Media is throwing a huge bash at the Penthouse in the Cosmopolitan Hotel on January 14th, 2013.

The event is a Candyland-themed party and it will be stacked with alcohol and local talent.  What else does a pimp affiliate need?

Rumors are they are blowing 100k+ on this event so it should be one for the books.

While the Mundo Media Candyland event is strictly invite only they are giving away 40 passes to affiliates that generate revenue until December 15th.

Here is the official info page :

Mundo Media has been establishing itself as one of the go-to networks in the industry.  They pay on time and have a lot of exclusive offers.

If you are not already an affiliate get signed up now and get going.

The contest just started so get in now and I will see you there!

16 thoughts on “Info on the hottest party during ASW

  1. Aliex

    I have been to ASW parties before and some have impressed me and others did not so much. I hope this one is not a joke like last years.

  2. Ray

    Is Katy Perry going to be there or any other famous singers? This theme makes me think of girls wearing whip cream bikinis ;0

  3. Niki

    Shoe- What do we have to do to win? I mean I know we have to like enter and contact our affiliate manager but really what are the chances?

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