Too White Crew hip hop group is awesome

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Last saturday night in Chicago my wife and I got to hook up with some of my high school friends.

We went to the Cubby Bear to see this group called Too White Crew.

They perform all 90’s rap/hip hop. ¬†They were awesome and hilarious. ¬†Their attire was very spot on for the genre.

Here is some video of them:

12 thoughts on “Too White Crew hip hop group is awesome

  1. Big Italy

    Truely is nothing better than the 90’s. Music was going in all sorts of directions from grunge, to pop, to hip hop. Real pioneers back then.

  2. Jeff

    Saw them in Chicago for my bachelor party. Loved the Two White Crew show! So much fun and you know all of the songs. Brings back good memories.

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