Holy crap and nice to be back

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Last thursday I checked out of the hotel I was staying in for SES..  Met my friend Michael Sprouse for lunch,  then checked into a new hotel where my wife was going to join me through Sunday.

I got settled in my room… about to take a 2 pm call and pull out my computer from my laptop…  Where was my laptop?  HOLY SHIT WHERE IS MY LAPTOP?!?!

I am totally panicing.  It’s not in my room.  I bust it down to the desk I checked in it.  It’s not there.  I check with the door guy praying that I left it out there grabbing my suitcase out of the cab… nope.

Then it hits me.  I left in the cab.   And that cab is long gone.  FUCK.

I am freaking out.  My life is in there.  Not only iPad,  Macbook,  other misc stuff but probably most importantly my anti-anxiety meds that I have been taking for like 20 years and like there is a real risk of having a seizure if I were to go an extended amount of time.

So, ya I am freaking the hell out.

The door guy suggest I go put my info in at the front desk because sometimes cab drivers will bring stuff back.

So, I get in line patiently waiting for other people to check in.  Gave them my info when all of a sudden the door guy grabs my shoulder and is like come with me.  He was like “I am about to make you a very very very happy man”.  I was like dude do not fuck with me please.   He had my back pack.

Turned out the cab driver took a fare all the way to the airport then came back just to bring back my back pack.  How amazing.

I ran out and tried to give the cabbie $100 (2 50’s).  He refused to take it.  I told him he can do what he wants but im giving it to him.  He turns to the door guy and gives it to him….

Wild stuff…   I am not a religious person by any means but I was saying thanks to every diety out there.

I am home now and sooooo happy to be back.  Last felt sooooo good to sleep in my own bed.  Pumped for this week!  I know it’s a short one (thats what she said) but got a ton scheduled.







19 thoughts on “Holy crap and nice to be back

  1. LyricsCog

    Just goes to show there’s still good people left in the world. Shoe, I’d also have panicked like you did. Happy for you there was a happy ending.

  2. Kevin Muldoon

    It’s always great hearing stories like this. The world has a lot of assholes but it’s good to be reminded that most people are decent and do the right thing.

  3. Kim Kuhlik

    I had this happen to me once and I was told to do the same thing by giving the front desk my info. Went out to eat with the wife and kids came back and the front desk had my bag.

  4. Andrew

    This post reminds me of last summer when I was getting ready for final exams and my laptop charger kicked the bucket. The problem was that all my study notes were on my laptop. I had to haul ass to best buy and buy a new one at 8 o”clock at night so I could study. I got B’s on my finals. Not quite the same thing but still pretty stressful. P.S. The Shoemoney system is fucking awesome!

  5. Gary

    This happened to me in Vegas before… lost my wallet in a cab right when I got to the hotel. Sucked thought I wouldnt be able to do anything for the rest of the trip… and then like 45 minutes later boom there is the cab driver with my wallet. It had all my money, cards, and dl in there.

    Tipped the cabby like 100 because idno what i would have done

  6. Dean Saliba

    I know exactly how you felt when you lost your backpack, I did this recently only mine had my antidepressants in which I need to take regularly to combat my bipolar. Thankfully I got mine back as well.

    I didn’t pay the guy $100 though, brought him a pint instead. :)

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