Holy crap and nice to be back

Last thursday I checked out of the hotel I was staying in for SES..  Met my friend Michael Sprouse for lunch,  then checked into a new hotel where my wife was going to join me through Sunday.

I got settled in my room… about to take a 2 pm call and pull out my computer from my laptop…  Where was my laptop?  HOLY SHIT WHERE IS MY LAPTOP?!?!

I am totally panicing.  It’s not in my room.  I bust it down to the desk I checked in it.  It’s not there.  I check with the door guy praying that I left it out there grabbing my suitcase out of the cab… nope.

Then it hits me.  I left in the cab.   And that cab is long gone.  FUCK.

I am freaking out.  My life is in there.  Not only iPad,  Macbook,  other misc stuff but probably most importantly my anti-anxiety meds that I have been taking for like 20 years and like there is a real risk of having a seizure if I were to go an extended amount of time.

So, ya I am freaking the hell out.

The door guy suggest I go put my info in at the front desk because sometimes cab drivers will bring stuff back.

So, I get in line patiently waiting for other people to check in.  Gave them my info when all of a sudden the door guy grabs my shoulder and is like come with me.  He was like “I am about to make you a very very very happy man”.  I was like dude do not fuck with me please.   He had my back pack.

Turned out the cab driver took a fare all the way to the airport then came back just to bring back my back pack.  How amazing.

I ran out and tried to give the cabbie $100 (2 50’s).  He refused to take it.  I told him he can do what he wants but im giving it to him.  He turns to the door guy and gives it to him….

Wild stuff…   I am not a religious person by any means but I was saying thanks to every diety out there.

I am home now and sooooo happy to be back.  Last felt sooooo good to sleep in my own bed.  Pumped for this week!  I know it’s a short one (thats what she said) but got a ton scheduled.







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