Search Engine Strategies 5 years later

While I will be staying in Chicago until Sunday – SES Chicago is pretty much done for all intensive purposes. This was the first Search Engine Strategies event I have attended since SES San Jose 2008 (photos)

At first I felt like I didn’t know anyone. Where was the old gang? David Naylor, Marcus Tandler, Aaron Wall, Jim Boykin, Best Of The Web Dudes, Jenn Slegg, Boser and crew, and many many others.

I did however run into some familiar faces.

Mel Carson (ever so delightful) and Dixon Jones (who still looks at me like I am about to pick his pocket =P ) from Majestic SEO.

The GodFather Of SEO Bruce Clay

Art of SEO authors Stephan Spencer  & Eric Enge.

Had some great dinners with folks and fun nightlife.