Search Engine Strategies 5 years later

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While I will be staying in Chicago until Sunday – SES Chicago is pretty much done for all intensive purposes. This was the first Search Engine Strategies event I have attended since SES San Jose 2008 (photos)

At first I felt like I didn’t know anyone. Where was the old gang? David Naylor, Marcus Tandler, Aaron Wall, Jim Boykin, Best Of The Web Dudes, Jenn Slegg, Boser and crew, and many many others.

I did however run into some familiar faces.

Mel Carson (ever so delightful) and Dixon Jones (who still looks at me like I am about to pick his pocket =P ) from Majestic SEO.

The GodFather Of SEO Bruce Clay

Art of SEO authors Stephan Spencer  & Eric Enge.

Had some great dinners with folks and fun nightlife.



15 thoughts on “Search Engine Strategies 5 years later

  1. Britaliano

    Shoe, the phrase is

    “For all intents and purposes”

    Interesting that Bruce Clay is still about. I was clearing out a load of SEO reference material and his staff always wrote some really good pieces.

    SEO has always struck me as a non industry based around a load up-ass smoke blowing.

  2. Grant

    It’s not over yet!

    At least… they have me presenting this afternoon with Danny Goodwin & Chris Boggs (old faces).

    Pop by, say hi!

    FYI… I’m older than both of them :-)

  3. Eric Scism

    Bruce has been around for ever and is still very active. He doesn’t jump on all the bandwagon stuff in seo talkinga bout every algo update. He just delivers some really great stuff all the time!

  4. Big Italy

    @David –

    Boring, but SES Chicago is boring. Can’t livin’ something up thats been dead for years.

  5. Dave

    Of course SES is dead, most of those friends of yours are probably out of business now. Might as well just hire a really good marketer instead of these SEOs who can’t even show their value.

    Hiring an SEO these days is like hiring a life coach.

  6. sam the sock puppet

    Would you have had the confidence to go to all these conferences if you didn’t have your weightloss surgery?

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