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On The Way To SES Chicago

by Jeremy Schoemaker on November 13, 2012 · 15 comments

Headed to SES Chicago with our newest employee Hannah Gappa,  Not sure she is ready for a industry event but we will see =P.

I asked on Twitter and Facebook who was attending and I got like 1 response.   Weird.

If you are going please comment.

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1 Georgie

Wasn’t expecting those photos when I did the standard Google stalk of that new employee name!

2 Perry

When was the last time you went to a search engine strategies?

3 Glenn

Dude SES shows have blown since Danny left.

Shoemoney 4 Ron Swanson


5 Ken Savage

Booth girl!! nice!

6 Mike S.

This post probably gave Google’s image search traffic a nice little boost. :^o~

7 faisal

What is this one about?

8 Liz

Well I wish I was going.

9 matt mcgowan

was great seeing you @ SES Chicage Jeremy!

Shoemoney 10 Big Italy

yeah…googled that. Smokin. checked her blog as well. Sarcasm. I like so far.

Shoemoney 11 Jon

nice hire Shoe.

Shoemoney 12 Sarah

Booth babe.

Does she even have a brain?

Shoemoney 13 Jenn

pretty girl. hopefully works out well for you. can be a great addition to your blog.

14 wedding photographer Ipswich

One response!?! Whats thats about then?

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