Contact Us For a Free Demo (case study)

When we first launched the PAR Program the website had one goal… to get people to contact us so we can give them a demo.

I mean the site is great and all but that is the goal is to get people to contact us so we can schedule a demo and show them how awesome it is.

So originally on the site I had a link that said “Contact Us”.  Seems simple enough right?

Well at Pubcon a couple weeks ago I got talking with Mike Roberts of SpyFu.  He showed me this tool they were working on that was based on what people are likely to click based on phrase.

We tested “Contact Us” Vs “Free Demo” VS “Demo”.  With his tools overwhelmingly it said people would click demo more than the others.

Well its been 2 weeks and I had been rotating them equally.  Not only did more people click on the “demo” button but it had a much higher conversion in filling out the form.