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Contact Us For a Free Demo (case study)

by Jeremy Schoemaker on November 8, 2012 · 11 comments

When we first launched the PAR Program the website had one goal… to get people to contact us so we can give them a demo.

I mean the site is great and all but that is the goal is to get people to contact us so we can schedule a demo and show them how awesome it is.

So originally on the site I had a link that said “Contact Us”.  Seems simple enough right?

Well at Pubcon a couple weeks ago I got talking with Mike Roberts of SpyFu.  He showed me this tool they were working on that was based on what people are likely to click based on phrase.

We tested “Contact Us” Vs “Free Demo” VS “Demo”.  With his tools overwhelmingly it said people would click demo more than the others.

Well its been 2 weeks and I had been rotating them equally.  Not only did more people click on the “demo” button but it had a much higher conversion in filling out the form.


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1 Hugo Boarotto

Great reading , can we now a little more about those tools ?


2 David Braybrooke

Yeah, I’m keen to learn more too. Loved your article – hoping Par is not ‘sub’! ;)

3 Tony Moly

Yes, PAR again. I’m very curious about what PAR is now. I have to do some research right now :)

4 Tony Moly

P/s: Is there any mistake at the URL address of PAR Program: ?

I believe it should be

5 ken savage

Scheduled post. I’m sure they’ll fix it when they wake up :)

6 Chubbs

Your link in the article goes to not fyi. May want to fix that.

Shoemoney 7 Sarah

looks like the link has been updated. very interesting stuff. will be contacting.

8 faisal

Obviously people love demos more than just a contact form.

9 David Braybrooke

Says something about human psychology I think. We tend to value stuff more if it doesn’t include the ‘free’ label. If something is free it tends to have a lower perceived value attached to it as a result.

10 Anne Haynes

Great demo! Thank you and I love how it makes a marketer’s job so much easier!

11 Steve V

Interesting, I wouldn’t think by just changing the text on a button would make such a big difference in response and conversion.

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