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by Jeremy Schoemaker on October 29, 2012 · 19 comments

Using our PAR Program I recently ran a report.  Interesting the that lifetime value of people on my newsletter that are on Social networks are worth a decent percentage more than those that are not.  Our clients love this cause we can gather all this just from their existing customers or new customers email address alone

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1 Tony Moly

Interesting data, Jeremy. Everyone including their mum join social networks today. So we, as internet marketers, can’t skip these gold mines.

Thank you for your post. It gives me some sudden cool ideas :)

Shoemoney 2 Ron Swanson

It’s amazing how much social networks have changed the world.

3 Randell

Damn, thats pretty cool. Sweet system you got setup there Shoemoney.

4 Jarvis

At first I found it weird that you even had people 65+ on social networks.. then I realized all 3 of my grandparents are on Facebook and you probably have 50x more people on your mailing list.

5 Lucien

Im gonna pull a Steve Smith here:


6 Alonzo

well duuhh!!! :)

7 Delmer

I need to get hooked up with this PAR Program, I think we could benefit from this at our company.

8 Raymon

well shit I guess I didn’t realize you could Social ROI from your PAR System. From what I gathered from your previous post it was all mainly just emails and what not.

9 Riley

Do you have a screen shot of people that are not on social networks? I am assuming that you have VERY few people from your list that are not on social networks.

10 Sydney

I think it’s kinda crazy that you get about an even amount from each one, I figured Facebook would easily kick the shit outta the rest.

11 Phillip

Really interesting that 21-24 are worth the most ammount of money to you

12 Travis

Seriously…. another post about the PAR Program…. I am so tired of hearing about this service

13 Porfirio

Great information Jeremy. I love it how you are so transparent

14 Orlando

Wow Shoe that is really impressive. Who are all of your clients?

15 Theo

I am loving this par program. Do you have a reselling agreement?

16 Jimmie

How much is PAR?

17 Jc

How the hell do you gather that? Crazy nuts I tell you

18 faisal

Wow, this is such a quick view of things.

19 Lisa

Interesting post. I wonder how the ROI is figured out? Also, note that you have slightly more female readers than male, yet your “friends and family” widget on most of your pages shows females in a “well” not so flattering light. Maybe the software can break down the “other types” of women from the women who think and read and learn from your posts?

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