The Adjustment Bureau

If you haven’t seen the movie The Adjustment Bureau you should.

Without spoiling the movie, the basic premise is that everyone has a path they are meant to be on.  If you divert from that path then this set of agents come in and set you back on the right course.

I have thought about this many times in my life.  I have had so many very small events that drastically altered the course of my life.

Meeting my wife:

If I would not have spur of the moment woke up in the middle of the night and emailed a girl back that I had previously gave up on cause I thought her being a Dr. was too intimidating then I would have never lost weight, gotten married, had kids, etc.  I know that might seem like it could have happened anyway but there is a lot more to it that makes that one incident of me waking up in the night and firing off a email so significant.

NextPimp Mobile:

In 2003 I spent countless hours trying to figure out the correct format of images so that I could put them on my phone.  One day after figuring out the formula to do it (bit size, exact format, color restrictions) I decided to make a website that would do it for you.  By 2005 as phones evolved into being able to play ringtones so did my site.  You uploaded ringtones and could share them with the world…  The site exploded and became the largest mobile community serving 200,000 ringtones a day to.  This site produced the famous Google AdSense check that you have probably come across.  I sold this site in 2010 to a ringtone company. It all traces back to me deciding to make that site.


If I would have not been playing a poker cash game at a casino during Pubcon at 3am I would have never met a fellow player,  who turned out to be a shot caller with eBay’s affiliate program, who suggested we build AuctionAds.   A true game changer for my company building out an advertising network that would generate millions in revenue per month and eventually sell to a billion dollar VC firm.

There have been lots of other incidents like this throughout the course of my life that drastically changed the course… as I am sure your’s as well.

But all of the pivitol moments started happening when I was hitting absolute rock bottom.

Another thing is that the internet made all this possible.  Before getting online my life was not that great…  mentally, physically, financially I was kind of a wreck.

So is Al Gore part of the Adjustment Bureau?  Lol who knows.