Money your missing out on

When working with our PAR Clients one of the things that always surprise me is why they don’t have form offer directly available on their confirmation page.

For those that don’t know what a confirmation page is – It is the page you direct your customers to that get on your email list after they have confirmed.

These people are interested in the products you sell…

You have now acquired them so you will probably get them to convert eventually…

So why not go for an instant sale?

While you should be thankful because you now have captured their email to make the sale you don’t need to tell them thank you. You have accomplished your goal.

Here is what we have seen be very successful for e-commerce clients:

Welcome to our newsletter! I would like to personally thank you by giving you free shipping when you use code xxxxxxx on check out! This is only good for you (please do not share it with friends).

Again use code xxxxxx and we will give you free shipping on anything you buy. But act quick this offer is only good for 24 hours!

For a subscription service:

Welcome to our newsletter. As a gesture of good well I would like to give you a full version of our service for only $1 for the free month!

Just use discount code xxxxx

For a leadgen/affiliate list:

Welcome to our newsletter. I look forward to talking to you about X.

(then below place 2 square boxes of Adsense code. Most of our leadgen/affiliate clients are in very high paying niches like astrology, insurance, education, make money online. These niches have VERY high paying Adsense).

I have over X amount of years in X field and am looking forward to taking those years of experience and letting you know the real secrets when it comes to X.

(Then place 1 more Adsense unit. Its important to setup separate tracking ids per unit because if you find one is more effective then the other. If you find 1 unit gets a large portion of the clicks then eliminate the others. You will see a higher payout.)

Just a quick note on AdSense. Usually I would not advise it on a leadgen/affiliate site. Mainly because in order for you to make money the person has to leave your website. But since they have double opted in you have nothing to lose. You have acquired them and will convert them through your email sequence.

Free money is great ;).