Your name dropping lost you a sale

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After just recently attending Pubcon and pounding the expo hall I was reminded of one thing that always annoys the crap out of me.

When I go up to a booth who looks like they have a cool service and inquire about what they do they immediately start dropping names of big companies they do business with.

Guess what. I don’t care. In fact, in all honesty, I don’t care if ANYONE has ever used what your selling. If its a service or product that I like then I am in.

Now I can hear some of you guys already… “But Jeremy you always say we need to give social proof!”

Yes that is important. But there is a place and time for it.

Put big companies you work with in your flyers, on your website, and in regards to your booth put it ON YOUR BOOTH so that when I am talking to you I can see them in the background.

Let me ask the questions. Like “Can you tell me who your ideal customer is?”, “Here is what I do, how do you see me using these tools?”.

These are BUYING questions. But don’t tell me how Best Buy uses it.

Tell me how a guy like me can use it. Something like “Ahh its perfect for you. One of our clients in your field uses it like this.”

Your next question should be to me, “Do you have any question about that?”. If I say no then say “Ok great lets get your account made so you can start playing around with it”.

Maybe I am just turned off by it cause I also immediately think, “Great when I sign up your going to start telling everyone ShoeMoney uses it and he is killing it.”


15 thoughts on “Your name dropping lost you a sale

  1. ken savage

    In the B2B world everyone wants to know what version your software is at, how many customers you have and who are they and how does support work in on the deal.

    I put logos of customers on our webpages and unfortunately one of the first things I hear from the sales guys qualifying the lead on the phone is “yes we work with XYZ and ABC”
    It sounds slimey and annoying to me too but it’s what the prospect wants to know and 90% of the time it’s one of the first questions they ask.

  2. Brad

    If it’s the first thing out of their mouths, then ya I can see that as being annoying. Personally I don’t see that as bad as you, I guess I am just more easily impressed lol.

  3. Arlie

    See I on the other hand enjoy the name dropping, however I may just be a fool. Reminds me of Tommy Boy “If you want me to take a dump in a box and label it ‘Garunteed’ believe me I will.”

  4. Jonah

    I agree with you Shoe, it annoys the shit outta me when they name drop during the convo. Like I see who uses it already its all over ur shit, just tell me how it works!!!!!

  5. Valentin

    good post, ill be sure to take this sort of thing into consideration from now on, I guess I didn’t know people felt this way about it.

  6. Andy

    Upon entering your site, everyone are presented by a picture of yourself next to logos of FB, Amazon, MS, Google and Zappos.

  7. Andy

    Your background is you with Mark.

    I know that you say “put them on your website”, but honestly, it’s not that different from a booth.

  8. Brian

    I would say their timing was off. I think AFTER they tell you what they can do for you, then they should name drop as social proof that what they say actually works/produces results.


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